WOW! slowly begins to offer mobile phone service

(Logo courtesy of Wide Open West, Graphic by The Desk)

The cable and broadband operator known as Wide Open West (WOW!) has quietly started offering its customers access to mobile phone services.

The service is sold under a white label by Reach Mobile, a prepaid mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses T-Mobile’s wireless network for phone calls and data connections.

The mobile phone offering is similar to what Comcast has offered to its Xfinity video and Internet customers for several years. Comcast has had considerable success with its Xfinity Mobile offering, which uses Verizon’s network.

Comcast requires its Xfinity Mobile customers to maintain an active video or internet plan in order to take advantage of special discounted rates for its wireless plans. An unlimited connection costs $45 per month plus taxes and fees (with data slowing down after around 20GB), and there are several cheaper plans that offer limited amounts of data.

WOW! Mobile offers a similar wireless plan structure, with unlimited data priced at $45 per month plus taxes and fees. Users can add up to two additional lines to an unlimited plan at an additional cost of $40 per line per month.

The cheapest plan offered by WOW! Mobile costs $15 per month and offers 1 GB of data. Two other plans offer 3 GB of data for $25 per month and 8 GB of data for $35 per month. All three plans allow customers to add up to five additional lines for an additional $15 per line per month. Unlike the unlimited data plan, each limited data tier requires additional lines to share that data (for example, three phones on a 1GB plan should share that 1GB, at a cost of $45 per month).

Everything WOW! Mobile plans include unlimited talk time and texting, and no contract is involved.

One thing that separates WOW! Mobile from Xfinity Mobile has to do with a data advantage rarely found on prepaid phone plans: all plans allow users to stream high-definition video, and a full-speed wireless hotspot is included in all areas .

A potential downside for Apple iPhone users is that Reach Mobile does not yet support 5G connections on the iPhone 12 (including mini, Pro, and Max), iPhone 13 (same), and iPhone SE 3 models. indicates that 5G support for iPhones will be available soon; in the meantime, 5G-enabled iPhones are limited to 4G LTE connections. From WOW! Mobile uses a white label version of Reach Mobile, the same limitation is almost certainly true for Apple iPhone users who subscribe to plans through their white label version of Reach Mobile.

Still, for Android 5G users or Apple users who don’t care about 5G connections, the new WOW! Offering mobile through Reach Mobile could be a great way to save money with reliable phone service that combines great benefits with a reliable nationwide wireless network.


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