Will your phone stop working next year?



(KTEN) – Korean Television Network (KTEN) aired Every year, technology develops. The huge color televisions that replaced black and white televisions have recently evolved into thin, high definition flat screens. Vehicles that run on gasoline are gradually giving way to those that run on electricity. Personal communication has moved away from desk phones and handheld mobile devices. Some older smartphones are now on the verge of becoming obsolete. “Now that we have 4G, LTE and 5G networks, the 3G network will no longer be supported,” said Beth Eggar, 911 program manager for the Texoma Council of Governments. “The 3G network is no longer necessary. The impact of the move will be seen across Texas as 3G service is turned off, leaving basic phones in the hands of the elderly, the poor and victims of domestic violence. This means that emergency calls will not be answered.

The three major wireless carriers – Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T – plan to shut down their 3G networks by the end of 2022. Prepaid service providers like Cricket, Mint Mobile and Boost Mobile all rely on signals from the big three, so if you are wondering whether your phone or that of a loved one needs to be replaced, contact your wireless carrier.

“Anyone who has older cell phones that are only supported by 3G … those phones will become obsolete next year and stop working, and that includes the ability to make calls to 911,” the carrier said. police word from Sherman, Sgt. Brett Mullen. “You don’t want to wait for it to stop working. This is why we are spreading this message now, letting people know that these changes are coming, so that they can move forward and make a change now so that they are not caught in an emergency without the possibility to make a call. Phones will not be the only device impacted by the change; some medical alert devices, older tablets and even wireless alarm systems can be disconnected.

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  • Will your phone stop working next year?
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