What is 3D holographic projection technology


The 3D holographic advertising machine is a display device made of LED light strips that looks like a fan. Its imaging effect uses the principle of human eye persistence, so viewers can see graphics, animations and video imaging effects.

When imaging, all the content we see is LED light, and other surrounding content is relatively dark. So when the 3D holographic advertising machine is working, the user will only receive the bright light stay unconsciously and ignore the dark light. present, in order to see the three-dimensional effect suspended in the air.

What technology is the holographic projection advertising machine based on?

The working principle of the 3D holographic advertising machine mainly uses POV technology, that is, portrait persistence technology. The holographic fan achieves the imaging through high-speed rotating LED light strips. After that, it will stick around for a while. The time required to see the image with the human eye and then transmit the image to the brain through the optic nerve is twenty-fourths of a second; when the 3D holographic advertising machine is running fast, the frame rate is generally maintained at about thirty frames per second, which means that each frame Freeze frame time is one-thirtieth of a second. When the transformation speed of multiple freeze frames exceeds the frame rate displayed by the human eye, a continuous image can be formed, so that the imaging effect is achieved.

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The advantages and prospects of 3D holographic advertising machine。

1. High brightness, no fear of day and night

The 3D holographic advertising machine is densely arranged by hundreds of high quality LED lamp beads. It is a luminous product in itself, and it can be seen in the dark without the help of other lighting equipment. It is a very dazzling device. Its brightness can make the device still clearly visible during the day, so there is no problem for businesses to use the 3D holographic advertising machine during the day.

2. Different sizes and models, multiple screens can be connected

There are eleven models of 3D holographic advertising machines, and the size of a single unit ranges from 30cm to 100cm. A variety of models support equipment multi-screen display, and can form a 5-meter square giant screen.

3, a variety of operation methods, content supports different formats

The 3D holographic advertising machine supports TF card, mobile phone and computer control, and the content is easily replaced. The TF card only needs to convert the content into bin format and import it into the TF card, then insert it into the device, then use the remote control to control it. Download and install the corresponding software on the mobile phone, open the software and connect to the WiFi of the running device, then the device operation can be checked. Follow the instructions to download the content to your phone. Supported content formats are MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, GIF, JPG, PNG.


The advantage is that the power consumption is low and the effect is cool. Of course, there are still some issues, like a lack of clarity.

Application areas of holographic projection technology

It is suitable for expressing individual objects with rich details or internal structure, such as famous watches, famous cars, jewelry, industrial products, characters, cartoons, etc., giving the audience a completely three-dimensional feeling .

This method of display requires the use of pyramid-shaped projection glass, and a screen is placed at the top of the pyramid, which is reflected through the four planes of the pyramid, creating the illusion that the projection is suspended in the hollow part of the pyramid. Since the four planes project images from four angles of the object, and the object is generally kept rotating, although this display method is also 2D, the sense of reality is still stronger than the true 3D.

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