Walmart will add AR features to the app


walmart is updating its app with new technology that will allow customers to shop better for Interior decoration and own-brand furnitures.

First covered by Store brands‘sister publication progressive grocer, the retailer is working to add two new augmented reality features to its app. The first feature, which will roll out to the iOS app in early July with plans for Android availability in the future, will allow shoppers to view around 300 decor and furniture items in their homes.

The experience will be available for other products, including back-to-college gear, in the coming months. Haptic feedback will allow customers to feel vibrations as they move 3D models around their homes, and blind or visually impaired buyers can use voice prompts and descriptions.

“After extensively testing this feature with our own customers, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which has helped ensure the experience is as seamless and user-friendly as possible,” said Walmart’s Brock McKeel, vice-president. Senior President of Site Experience, Walmart E-Commerce and Cheryl. Ainoa, SVP of New Business and Emerging Technologies, Walmart Global Tech, in a company blog post.

Additionally, Walmart Global Tech is developing an in-store augmented reality feature that allows customers and associates to point their mobile device‘s camera at store shelves using the Walmart app to filter assortment based on of their personal preferences.

“Imagine you are a gluten-free customer. With the in-store AR tool, you’ll be able to use your phone to quickly read food ingredients and easily identify gluten-free products,” McKeel and Ainoa wrote. “Coupons are another future use case. For example, customers will also be able to scan store shelves to see which items are on back, on clearance, or part of a rewards program. Imagine the possibilities! be you could scan to see what items are on restoration or receive instant coupons.

Walmart serves 230 million customers each week, with shoppers visiting more than 10,500 Walmart stores and numerous e-commerce websites under 46 banners in 24 countries.


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