Wallpaper Engine app for Android is now available for free


Wallpaper Engine, the app that lets you use and create live and interactive wallpapers on your Windows desktop, now has an Android version.

The Wallpaper Engine Android companion app is free with no hidden charges, in-app purchases, and ads. It can also be used as a standalone application without owning Wallpaper Engine on your computer and import compatible wallpaper files from your mobile device.

The main features of the Android application are:

  • No user tracking or data collection.
  • Wirelessly transfer scene and video wallpapers from Wallpaper Engine on your computer to Android.
  • Import all compatible files from your device as wallpaper: Videos, GIFs, Wallpaper Engine images and wallpapers
  • Create a playlist of your wallpapers and use different playlist modes
  • Automatically shuts off when power saving mode is on, offers FPS and quality settings.
  • Full support for dynamic audio visualizers, clocks and other dynamic wallpaper elements
  • Let the wallpapers move with the movement of your device (devices with gyroscope)
  • Support for automatic theme colors based on current wallpaper including Material You from Android 12

In addition to the Android companion application, the Wallpaper Engine 2.0 bring a new logo, a new 3D depth effect, and a handful of other additions and improvements.

  • The new logo retains the spirit of the old design, but with a more modern touch. You can find the new logo throughout the app.
  • The new Depth Parallax effect allows you to create perceived 3D depth for your images. The effect is influenced by the mouse on computers while on Android the movement of the phone will simulate the movement of the mouse.
  • You can now add up to seven wallpapers to the new weekday playlist in the Installed tab of Wallpaper Engine, then click Configure in the playlist section and select the Day option. of the week.
  • Windows 11: Wallpaper Engine added support for new UI design with rounded corners


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