Upstream claims its new patented technology can identify up to 85% of website visitors


MarTech experts Upstream say its new patented technology can identify up to 85% of website visitors, enabling accurate and effective mobile marketing in a completely private and compliant way.

Upstream’s new Mobile Identity technology, part of the company’s mobile marketing automation platform, Grow, is timely in response to the digital advertising industry’s search for new ways to identification, necessary due to the forthcoming disappearance of third-party cookies.

According to data from Upstream’s “Mobile Identity” report, companies that deploy the technology can increase their digital sales by 20-40%, increase opt-in conversions tenfold, and recoup more than 10% of lost revenue due to cart abandonment.

Users are identified on the mobile network, using the mobile phone number – the MSISDN (Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number) – as a unique identifier. Occurring instantly, all the user has to do is give consent via a simple checkbox. The solution is designed to work on any browser, website or app, as well as new mobile implementations, 5G deployments and new web features.

Simplify personalization and create better user experiences

By instantly recognizing the mobile phone number of a user visiting a website and auto-filling their contact information, with their consent, Upstream’s mobile identity innovatively collects a user’s mobile phone number. This first-party data collection method allows brands to build their CRM (customer relationship management) databases and is able to increase opt-in conversions by 10x.

As part of the Grow marketing automation platform, Upstream’s mobile identity allows brands to act directly on the data they collect. Marketers gain the ability to manage different audiences and reach them through a wide variety of channels, with a primary focus on mobile messaging channels. Based on a user’s online interactions with a brand, they may be automatically retargeted with personalized automated messages. Upstream’s Grow’s automated same-day retargeting has been shown to increase campaign effectiveness by 90% and reduce spam by 47%.

“Using this new technology, we identify users on the open web and transfer the interaction to the world of mobile messaging. SMS – the predecessor of all messaging channels – has been proven time and time again to have unrivaled penetration and responsiveness. Add to that the growing popularity of channels like RCS, Whatsapp, and Viber that are bringing all digital capabilities to mobile messaging, and it’s easy to see why businesses should first and foremost try to reach their customers via mobile when it comes to conversational marketing,” Kostas said. Kastanis, Deputy Managing Director Upstream.

Additionally, Upstream’s mobile identity simplifies user journeys, eliminating the need to sign in or sign in. Brands can showcase personalized content on their websites and facilitate checkout processes when making a purchase, with users simply giving their consent once, which improves engagement and conversions.

Upstream’s new patent also replaces and improves older verification technologies, such as one-time passwords (OTPs). With Mobile Identity, users simply give their mobile phone number, and then they don’t need to receive and insert an OTP. This verification process happens automatically in the background without any effort.

The opportunity for mobile operators

Mobile Identity technology relies on partnerships with mobile network operators (MNOs). This creates an opportunity for telecom operators to not only use the technology to improve their own security, user experience, and marketing efforts, but also to monetize it by providing it to third parties. Upstream’s solution is software-based and requires minimal integration.

“MNOs are at the forefront of infrastructure investments that connect billions of people, but over-the-top messaging players are reaping the most rewards,” Kastanis noted. “By monetizing online mobile identification into a value-added service, mobile operators can partner with marketers across industries and institutions to personalize content and deliver true omnichannel experiences. They can provide the solution the digital advertising industry has been frantically looking for and establish their new key role there. »

To download the full Mobile Identity white paper, please click here.


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