(Update) Digi asked to restart your phone to resolve “intermittent internet connectivity” issue



Update: We have seen some reports that the Digi signal and the MyDigi app have returned to normal. If you still cannot get a line, Digi recommends restarting the phone and checking the connection afterwards. For us, turning airplane mode on and off or exiting and opening the MyDigi app also works.

In this brief news, it seems that many Digi users encounter unstable mobile internet lines across Malaysia (or maybe just KL itself). Initially, Digi performed the maintenance of the system migration from October 25 to 26, but it appears that some issues persist.

About an hour ago, Digi released an update indicating that the team is currently working on the issue, so some services are still not available at this time. The MyDigi app is also still inaccessible, but the company said postpaid and prepaid users can still manage our account via * 128 #. Apart from that, it also seems that some areas do not have a good signal, like Cheras and maybe some remote areas.


For a full list of available top-up and bill payment channels, Digi said you can visit the web page here for your reference. We will update this news article again when the Digi line returns to normal. Stay tuned for more tech news on TechNave.com.



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