The three best cell phone deals (April 2022)


The UK’s third largest carrier is aptly called Three and has been on an upward trajectory since its inception in 2003, so we’re rounding up the best Three phone deals available right now for your enjoyment.

Of course, the naming scheme comes from the fact that Three was launched on the day 3G connectivity went live in the UK, but we’re digressing from the phone deals and discounts currently on sale from the operator. Jump to:

Three phone deals right now

Three has an ongoing deal for the best iPhones and Galaxies right now that offers a free £100 Amazon gift card that can be given away as a nice incentive to sign up for your phone and plan. The operator also has the lowest monthly charges for bundled phones among UK carriers and is adamant that you know this with an accurate summary of exactly how much you save per month when you get a phone deal on Three .

Best iPhone deals at Three UK

Three will offer a free Amazon gift card with an iPhone purchase, worth £100, to be applied towards a purchase of your choice from the retail giant. Plus, it promises to beat everyone else’s unlimited plan offers on an iPhone purchase from Three, so let’s see what’s on offer.
  • iPhone 13 offer on Three: a cheaper monthly subscription on Unlimited. Three offers a discount on the lowly iPhone 13 which sets you back £54 a month with an unlimited data plan. The initial charge from you is only £50. That’s, as the carrier says, £11 a month cheaper than our biggest competitors on Unlimited, with the usual disclaimers applying.

Apple iPhone 13

Unlimited plan, £100 Amazon gift card, 3 months free Apple TV+

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max deal on Three: Just £67 a month on 100GB plan. For the best iPhone money can buy right now, Three is offering a special deal of £67 a month, but that’s not on a true unlimited plan, but rather a 100GB plan. That means you You might be limited after hitting the cap, but unless you’re one of those digital nomads who only uses your phone as a hotspot, 100GB should go a long way toward your monthly consumption habits.

Best Samsung phone deals on Three

For Samsung phones, Three offers slightly different deals than those offered for iPhones. You still get a free £100 Amazon gift card with a purchase, but the combination of plans you can get Samsung Galaxy phones on Three is different, as well as the duration and type of subscription to the free streaming service that Three offers with them.

  • Samsung Galaxy A53 deal on Three: Get it for just £37.00 a month on an unlimited plan. Not only the The Galaxy A53 offers a nice camera and 5G connectivity, but it can be had for just £37 a month with an upfront fee of £19, plus the typical deal for Samsung Disney+ phones. If you want to go downmarket but still have a great phone that’ll perform the vast majority of your day-to-day tasks with aplomb, Three’s deal on the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A53 has you covered.

Best Xiaomi Phone Deals on Three

If you want to be different from the rest of the pack and carry around a Xiaomi phone instead of a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, Three has you covered with plenty on a flagship Xiaomi handset that adds a free smartwatch from the same brand.

Xiaomi 12 Pro deal on Three: Get a free Xiaomi S1 Watch with purchase. the The Xiaomi 12 Pro deal on Three gets you the phone for £59 a month on an unlimited data plan with just £50 upfront. That’s not all, however, as Xiaomi is also giving buyers its S1 smartwatch for free, adding an extra £199 worth to the deal’s appeal.

Are three phone deals worth it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a phone plus a plan, you can hardly beat Three’s UK offerings. The carrier promises £11 less per month than the competition for the same phone on unlimited plans and it manages to deliver.

Plus, with Three’s advanced plans, you can unlock your data plan for use abroad in over 71 countries across multiple geographies – from a low daily cost of £2 in Europe and £5 in the rest of the world.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Three?

Yes, you can keep any carrier number you have had so far with a UK carrier. If, for example, you leave an EE phone and plan and your contract with them has expired, you can text PAC to 65075 to get your PAC code.

Then you need to pick a phone and plan from the best Three phone deals here and order one online or in-store. Ring Three customer support team on 0333 338 1001 and give them the PAC number you got from EE.

Is it easy to pass Three?

Very easy, as your current carrier is mandated to make sure you get your PAC number needed to unsubscribe within a maximum of two hours, so PAC shouldn’t be a problem.

Three will then activate your phone on their network with your old EE number but save the original SIM number just in case, as carriers do not transfer numbers on weekends or on public holidays.

How good is Three’s coverage in the UK?

Very good, especially in the city center and in high traffic areas. Despite this, it started out as a budget carrier in the UK, and largely remains that concept, Three’s total network coverage footprint has gradually increased to 99% of the UK population.

As for Three’s cell phone coverage area, it’s not as big as EE’s 4G LTE coverage, but again, Three offers much cheaper plans and phones.
Of course, the population stat could very well mean that major centers like major cities and busy highways are covered, but in villages and boondocks you might not get enough coverage from Three. This is true for all carriers, so we recommend getting a prepaid SIM card from Three and checking coverage in the areas you frequent the most before buying a phone and plan from Three.

Three prepaid SIM cards

A la carte 50 GB monthly plan

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