The tech sector must promote the benefits of sustainability

I think there is a huge responsibility for the industry to educate the general public. The green agenda is a relatively new thing that is now attracting a lot of attention. »

— Emanuel Kolta, Principal Analyst, GSMA Intelligence

LONDON, UK, Oct. 28, 2022 / — The tech sector has a responsibility to educate the public about the benefits of sustainability.

That’s the view of Emanuel Kolta, principal analyst for mobile market intelligence specialist, GSMA Intelligence, in the new How Sustainable is the Technology Sector? Part 2 report by thought leadership specialist, iResearch Services.

He says, “I think there’s a huge responsibility for the industry to educate the general public. The green agenda is a relatively new thing that is now attracting a lot of attention. Whereas with a financial product you can use a single metric to define what’s best for you – and there are well-known methods you can use to choose between different products – with sustainability we don’t have yet really that educated consumer base, nor any well-accepted metrics.

There are a few pointers to how home appliances can be eco-friendly, but few offers when buying laptops, cell phones and other high-tech products to see which one is. the most environmentally friendly, says Emanuel.

A notable example of how the industry is looking to be more sustainable and reduce e-waste is the European Union’s plan to ensure that every mobile phone has the same charging system by 2023. of e-waste that we can produce is simply amazing,” says Emmanuel.

Another way is to increase the use of what he calls “cloudification” and “software-ization”. “It’s very helpful for sustainability. Everything is less hardware-heavy than two or three years ago, everything is more software-centric.

“From a social perspective, the developing world can have better access to PCs and online learning and education.”

How sustainable is the tech sector? The second part contains the views of sustainability specialists, consultants, technology leaders and decision makers on the main challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects.

In the companion report, How Sustainable is the Technology Sector? In Part 1, 89% of 550 technology executives from 11 countries said it was important for the public to perceive their business as sustainable and ethical.

As a result, 52% of respondents expected more customers to be sustainable and 38% anticipated better returns.

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