The roll-up e-commerce start-up Upscalio acquires 4 D2C brands


The roll-up e-commerce start-up Upscalio has announced the acquisition of four D2C brands, the Gizga, Tizum, Aircase and HomePuff brands. The brands operate in the segment of next-generation computers, PC and phone accessories, laptop bags and kitchen utensils respectively. Upscalio competes with Thrasio which recently announced its foray into India, as well as former Myntra CEO’s Mensa Brands, among others.

These brands hold significant market share in their respective verticals and hold a unique position as category leaders on Amazon with positive reviews, ratings, and recalls. Founded by Dinesh Vardhan, Vikram Vardhan and Amit Hingarh over 7 years ago, the brands are bolstered by a scrupulous sourcing system that has contributed to their steady growth, according to an official statement from Upscalio.

Upscalio said that with the new acquisitions, the company aims to achieve an annual revenue of Rs 200 crore over the next two years.

The company will focus on expanding the brands’ geographic footprint while accelerating new product development. UpScalio will also plan an eventual B2B foray to open up new avenues of growth for all three brands.

“Laptops and mobile devices are becoming intrinsic to every home, especially in the age of working from home. With cookware, their utility is extremely high and the category is set to be disrupted by the technologically superior and aggressive growth-oriented brand. We look forward to helping these brands reach new heights by leveraging our core brand building, marketing, NPD and supply chain optimization capabilities,” said Saaim Khan, co-founder and COO, UpScalio.


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