The NitroPhone 2 is a Pixel 6 for privacy-conscious users


NitroKey, a German data security company, has announced the NitroPhone 2 and NitroPhone 2 Pro, essentially a Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, but with additional privacy features that make the phone more secure than the series devices. Pixel 6 standard.

NitroPhone variants come with the exact same hardware as regular Pixel 6 phones, but with custom software. This includes GrapheneOS, a custom operating system as well as other features such as an automatic emergency switch. Here’s everything you need to know about the new NitroPhone 2 devices.

NitroPhone 2 and NitroPhone 2 Pro: everything you need to know

The GrapheneOS for the NitroPhone 2 and 2 Pro uses the Google Titan M2 security key to authenticate the user when privacy settings are changed. This prevents any unauthorized user or app from making changes to your phone’s privacy settings without authentication from you.

GrapheneOS also supports Android app compatibility, so you get all the benefits of Android anyway. However, we do not know if these phones benefit from the exclusive Pixel Drop features. This is because all Google apps and services are removed from GrapheneOS, although you can install Play Services yourself if you wish.

Features include the ability to encrypt the device, an automatic emergency switch that allows you to turn off the smartphone after a set period of time, and software items that prevent apps from accessing your IMEI, card numbers SIM and MAC address.

The NitroPhone 2 and 2 Pro are priced at € 899 and € 1,255 respectively, making them significantly more expensive than the regular Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Users can even pay an additional $ 300 to order a phone without cameras, microphones, and sensors that can be used to spy on them.


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