The impact of technology on humans


Every time our day starts, we check our cell phone to find out the time or who messaged us. We also check what’s going on on social media. We go to the kitchen, turn on the coffee maker, toast our bread, turn on our laptop or computer and start our day.

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If we are going to look at it, we are all dependent on technology, from electricity to telecommunications. How do we define technology? Technology is an application of knowledge and the use of tools like machines to control what is around us.

Brief history of technology

The mere discovery of the fire of the first humans is seen as an important step for humans to realize what we can do and the power we have. Fast forward, the founding father of the United States Benjamin Franklin is not only famous for writing the United States Declaration of Independence, but also made a lightning sighting and then later did research on electricity. . In the future, it was developed by many brilliant inventors and engineers such as Nicolas Tesla and later Thomas Edison developed bulbs that consumers can use for longer, safer and more conveniently.

In communication, Alexander Graham Bell made his revolution when his assistant Thomas Watson tried to reactivate a telegraph transmitter. Bell had the idea that sending human voices may be possible through airwaves. After many attempts to create a talking box, this became possible in 1876 and so the first landline was introduced.

Transportation technology began in early humans through crude carts with stone wheels in the shape of circles to bicycles originating in China to steamboats, trains and automobiles. Back then, cars needed improvement because only wealthy people can afford them and need to be fixed every now and then. He hasn’t had a break and must be strapped to a pole like a regular horse. Henry Ford, an American industrialist realized at the time that he could recreate an automobile which could be enjoyed by any people and which was practical enough not to be tied to a pole.

Television and other types of machines have changed the way people live, but the biggest breakthrough of all is the invention of the computer. The Roman abacus is believed to have been the inspiration in the creation of the computer until an English mechanical engineer and a great early 19th century mathematician named Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical computer.

Modern technology has come a long way, from electricity, telephones, automobiles to the first computer. We now live in a world where technology is of great importance and ironically speaking, we all depend on it to lead normal lives.

Right now we have the Internet. The Internet is a computer network that comprises a worldwide network of computer networks that uses the TCP / IP network to be used as a transmission of data in order to be used as a tool for communication between devices and other networks. Thanks to laptops, personal computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TV, we are able to communicate with people near or far and know their activities using social media.

Final preview:

Technology come a long way and slowly evolved. It is part of our lives and is a great help in filling people’s gaps. We are indeed fortunate to be part of this formidable invention of men.


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