Technology Welcomes You to the Ageless Generation


With the latest technological gadgets available to everyone, constantly changing and improving, the lines between generations have become blurrier than ever. What is the cause and what is the recipe for this so-called digital timelessness?

On any social media platform these days, you can find the average Gen-Z looking at promotional content from influencers far beyond their generational divide. The use of technology and its “easy access” means that anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection can message anyone in the world.

It can, and unfortunately will also open the door to bad influences for vulnerable people who read the wrong message at the wrong time; but let’s focus on the “good” part of this.

In America, there has been a recent boom in this ageless generation influence trend and official TV personality Martha Stewart is proof of that. At the time of this writing, Stewart is 80 years old and her recent marketing contract with a cosmetics company has made many people’s heads spin as to the definition of an influencer and whether the generation gaps in society are changing. still exist today?

Stewart’s recent “shock” marketing campaign has made her a heavy hitter in the circle of beauty influencers, at least in America.

Her history in the limelight of popularity had begun with millennials watching her on TVs as she cooked in a kitchen in a studio apartment and talked about her lifestyle-focused magazine.

Even though that was years ago, Stewart is still racking up millions of views well into her 80s. This has helped her establish herself as an influential force in the ever-changing social media arena.

The recipe that makes someone like Stewart shine is the ability to adapt, not only to the audience but also to the times. When Stewart launched his platform the options were publications or TV, nowadays the primary platform is social media.

There is also a motivational engine; it feels like people like Stewart always feel like they’re at their peak, well into the later years of their careers. In sports, you can see the likes of Serena Williams, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo constantly pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible of them at their age.

American singer Madonna has achieved record sales over different decades, each time adapting her style to the trends of the day and each time reaching the metaphorical gold mine.

It is as if these personalities had received the prescription for the home stretch of life. From one generation to the next, these people inspire – whether in the field of beauty, sports, music, etc.

The thing is, so-called Gen Xers, born in the late 50s to early 60s, are influencing the Gen Z crowd on platforms synonymous with Gen Z.

From one generation to the next, people like Stewart have taken their place as personalities in the lives of several generations and this adaptability is the so-called recipe for “digital immortality”. They have blurred the lines when it comes to what or who defines a generation; we are no longer limited so to speak to our generation, but we can now say that age is no longer just a number.

Have they become ageless? Definitely, constantly reinventing themselves is what makes these people ageless. They didn’t just stick to what they were doing for a specific period of time, they adapted their methods and ways to stay relevant in today’s times.


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