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Technological innovation has had a positive impact on various sectors, but perhaps no more than the travel industry. It has made life easier and more convenient for customers, airlines, employees, and everyone in between. In the past, some tasks took days to complete, but now they can be completed in minutes.

There is no doubt that the travel industry has undergone some evolution since the introduction of more sophisticated technology and the features that a variety of services now offer. As consumers, the public is also well acquainted with the use of these services. People use various smartphone apps and features on a daily basis. Before going to Italy for a getaway, people use Uber Eats to order Italian food. Likewise, travelers to Egypt can enjoy a variety of Egyptian themed slots at or go to the YouTube app for inspiration from their favorite travel vlogger. As a result, getting organized with a few keystrokes on a smartphone before a trip is not a daunting prospect for most. Basically, as a population we have become more tech savvy. We just had to do it.

In the past, planning a vacation was a tedious process and certainly required more patience than it does today. Technology has dramatically reduced time, allowed people to gain a better understanding of service, and fueled a more efficient overall planning process for the customer and the airline. Below is an overview of some of the major advancements that have driven the evolution of the travel industry.

Simplified planning
As mentioned above, vacation planning has become much easier with the ability to book travel online. Basically all we need to plan a vacation in 2021 is a computer and an internet connection. However, travel agencies will always be a preferred option for some, while the rest of the population books a dream vacation with just a few clicks online. From flights to accommodations to activities, everything can be organized online with the push of a few buttons. The innovation has also enabled people to find the best vacations according to their specific needs, for example taking into account the budget. From there, you don’t need to print tickets or pieces of paper with proof of your hotel reservation, just show an e-ticket or use the mobile check-in service of hotel.

A more efficient packaging routine
Packaging has never been pleasant. And it probably never will be. This has been made easier by a variety of advancements, however. For example, instead of packing books and a range of different devices, we are able to store reading material on a single device like a cell phone, tablet, or popular reading tool like a Kindle. Likewise, we don’t need to take music listening devices with us, as they can also be enjoyed on a smartphone. As a result, people can have more room for clothes and therefore make packaging a more efficient process. On top of that, there are a range of apps that people can download. Some provide checklists that you can check off as you pack, while others help you work out what you need for a specific destination.

An enhanced travel experience
Thanks to technology, traveling more efficiently has become a reality. As such, vacationers don’t have to worry about getting lost or not speaking languages, but instead opt for services like Google Maps, Duolingo, Google Translate, and a range of other options that help eliminate all barriers.



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