Rebekah Vardy brands Coleen Rooney ‘ac**t’ in explosive Wagatha Christie posts


Rebekah Vardy described Coleen Rooney as a ‘c**t’ and a ‘mean female dog’ in private Whatsapp messages, the High Court heard today.

In another explosive message to his agent, Vardy said of Rooney: “She’s so ad**k.”

She added of Rooney in another exchange: “She’s a bad bitch. I took a great dislike to her. She thinks she’s amazing.”

In another post, Vardy expressed frustration that some of the leaked information has yet to be released.

“We still need to make some money,” she wrote.

David Sherborne, for Rooney, told the court that Rooney felt Vardy’s agent Watt should be included in the case because she leaked the information.

Coleen and her family on a recent vacation



He said: “Ms Vardy knew exactly what Ms Watt was doing. Ms Vardy encouraged her to do it. She knew it was happening.

“”This is why Mrs. Watt is involved in the procedure””

Mr Sherborne said Vardy asked Watt to look at Rooney’s private Instagram account.

“They both regularly reviewed private views with a view to having them published.”

Mr Sherborne told the court: ‘Ms Watt’s mobile phone accidentally slipped overboard from her hand on a boat in the North Sea. The boat was unfortunately hit by a wave.’ He said it happened shortly after a judge ordered he be examined for “relevant evidence”. Ms Vardy’s data was lost in the middle of the upload to her lawyers,” he said.

A hearing that is expected to last two days has started at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Rebekah is married to footballer Jamie



Rebekah, 39, is suing Coleen, 35, for defamation over an Instagram post she made in October 2019 in which she claimed Rebekah’s account was behind a number of stories in the newspapers. The post led Coleen to be tagged Wagatha Christie.

Rebekah, wife of Leceister City striker Jamie, has vehemently denied being involved in leaking stories from Coleen’s page.

Coleen set up her own sting operation to catch anyone who leaked information from her private page to the press.

She said she posted a series of fake stories and blocked all of her followers except Rebekah’s account.

Rebekah denied being behind the leaks, insisting a number of people had access to her Instagram page, and filed a defamation lawsuit in an attempt to clear her name.

Mr Sherborne said the ‘motive’ for the leaks was animosity between Vardy and Rooney. “There was clear animosity and hostility on the part of Ms Vardy and Ms Watt towards Ms Rooney.

Rebekah’s agent’s phone was swallowed by the sea, court heard


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Coleen requested that Rebekah’s agent be named in the proceedings


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“There have been a number of abusive comments about Ms Rooney, some of which I have addressed.”

Mr Sherborne accused Vardy and Watt of concocting a story to ‘cover up that they were responsible’ for the leaks.

After Rooney publicly stated that the leaks were from Vardy’s account, Vardy contacted her to deny it.

She warned Rooney that she would have to apologize as she was not the culprit.

Vardy told Rooney: “In my children’s lives, I never told anyone about you.

“I love you very much Coleen.”

But Mr Sherborne said Vardy was sticking to a ‘script given to him by Ms Watt’.

Yesterday, Vardy, who was not in court, posted on her Instagram account a photo of herself wearing a black beanie with the logo: “You Can’t Handle The Truth”. She sent a message: “Love this hat brand! really funny slogans. Ideal for original gifts.”

In January 2019, Ms Rooney tweeted: ‘Sad to think that someone I agreed to follow me is betraying for money or to maintain a relationship with the press.’

On the same day, Ms Vardy asks Ms Watts if she has seen the tweet, to which Ms Watts replies: “Such a victim. Poor Coleen… And he wasn’t someone she trusted. It was me.”

It also emerged in court that Ms Rooney is relying on the fact that, as allegedly revealed in WhatsApp exchanges between Ms Vardy and Ms Watt, the couple were involved in disclosing private information she had on a well-known English footballer, simply referred to as ‘Mr X’, to The Sun.

Ms Rooney’s lawyers also claimed Ms Vardy and Ms Watt had ‘concocted’ a plan in case Ms Rooney found out they had leaked the messages, planning to say it was an unknown user and that other people would have access to his passwords.

When Ms Rooney’s infamous post blaming Ms Vardy’s account was published, Ms Vardy messaged her publicist saying: ‘This is war.’

The PR agent replied, “You’ll have to say you don’t tell anyone about her but recently your insta even followed people you don’t follow and she should come see you first and tell you about it. So you could have changed your password. Just say you allowed a company to access it for sponsored posts and a former social media agency you also worked with.”

Ms Vardy then contacted Rooney saying: ‘In my children’s life I have never spoken to anyone about you.

She then goes on to say the “exact” words her publicist told her, Ms Rooney’s legal team claimed.

The court also heard that Ms Watt’s phone was ‘thrown overboard’ in the North Sea shortly after the order for the phone was ordered by a court.

Around the same time, it was said, the media files of Ms Vardy’s WhatsApp conversation with Ms Watt also disappeared, along with the backups, as they were in the process of exporting them to his lawyers.

Ms Rooney’s legal team spoke most of the morning and afternoon.

Her team today requested that Ms Watt be added as an ‘additional party’, accusing her of misusing private information and breaching GDPR.

Ms Watt’s legal representative said her denials were “clear and consistent”.

They asked the court to dismiss the purchased claim against her, but added that if it was to be heard, it should be heard separately because it would not be fair to Ms Watt or realistic for the trial to take place in May.

Hugh Tomlinson, representing Ms Vardy, said Ms Rooney had relied on ‘selective and incomplete Whatsap messages’ to support her argument, while ignoring messages that demonstrate Ms Vardy was not responsible, pointing to the messages sent on February 6, where she is shocked that Ms Rooney suspects her of leaking stories.

In August, she messaged Ms Watts that she bet it was Ms Rooney’s own PR leaking the information, adding: ‘I really don’t see anyone being that crazy selling stories about her.’


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