Qualcomm: Revolutionary Qualcomm ultraBAW Filter Technology Pushes High Performance in 5G High Frequencies



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October 20, 2021 | 1:11

Acoustic filters have become the most common RF filtering technology for mobile devices and are critical to the success of 5G service. They have the ability to cover low, medium, high and now very high frequencies, which allows a high degree of integration and a reduced size of the phone card and offers a competitive performance / cost ratio for the complex filtering requirements of the phones. current 5G systems.

Today we present Qualcomm ultraBAW, our next generation of micro acoustic filter technology that expands our front-end RF (RFFE) portfolio and opens up new 5G services and applications.

Current micro-acoustic filter technologies – such as SAW, TC-SAW, previous generation BAW, and Qualcomm ultraSAW – are excellent for 5G (below 3 GHz) and legacy 4G.

The arrival of new 5G NR frequencies such as n77 (3300 – 4200 MHz) and n79 (4400 – 5000 MHz) as well as the introduction of new generations of Wi-Fi which will extend the range of coverage of the filter add complexity to the equation. from 2.7 GHz to 7.2 GHz. Filters and modules will also have to cope with larger modulation bandwidths (300 MHz Downlink, 100 MHz Uplink) and coexist with the new Wi-Fi bands that reside near the 5G NR range.

Qualcomm ultraBAW filter technology has been developed to provide the high selectivity and lower insertion loss needed to operate in this higher and congested frequency range. It offers mobile devices the ability to simultaneously use the new spectrum available on the same device, in a situation where 5 GHz Wi-Fi must coexist (operate simultaneously) with the n79 cellular band, keeping interference control, high frequency power consumption and heat dissipation.

The Qualcomm ultraBAW acoustic mic filter solution is a game-changer for the new 5G service.

The new Qualcomm ultraBAW RF filter complements the Qualcomm ultraSAW filter and many other front-end RF components for complete performance below 7 GHz in our comprehensive portfolio of modem-antenna RF solutions, which continuously delivers innovation, performance and energy efficiency peak. .

Qualcomm ultraBAW’s improved filter element performance provides a broader impact across our entire RFFE product portfolio, including power amplifier modules, diversity modules, Wi-Fi (modules / extractors / filters), discrete filters.Qualcomm ultraBAW also equips our recently launched power amplifier module (Qualcomm QPM6679), enabling high power management with high frequency support in very small acoustic structures.

The adoption of Qualcomm ultraBAW opens up the range of new application areas beyond the cellular segment. Segments such as automotive, PCs, consumer premises equipment (CPEs), IoT and industrial applications will also benefit from RF front-end modules and discrete filters based on Qualcomm ultraBAW technology as more and more more use cases are emerging in the public and private sectors. Products compatible with Qualcomm ultraBAW filter technology are currently being sampled for customers. Commercial devices with the technology are expected to launch in the second half of 2022.

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Our high performance RFFE products, now compatible with ultraBAW technology, help achieve better coverage, fewer dropped calls, a significant increase in capacity and, as a result, faster Uplink / Downlink data speeds, longer battery life and better thermal performance.

By adopting the Qualcomm Technologies RFFE portfolio, OEMs can produce better quality smartphones and user devices, as well as reduce manufacturing costs and time to launch of new devices in the rapidly growing 5G environment.

At Qualcomm Technologies, we invent fundamental technologies that transform the way the world connects, calculates and communicates. And we are very proud to be the first to produce all of the components necessary to provide our OEMs with a complete commercial 5G Modem-to-Antenna Modem-to-Antenna mobile platform RF Modem – including our state-of-the-art micro acoustic filter technology. .

Qualcomm ultraBAW, Qualcomm ultraSAW and Qualcomm QPM6679 are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and / or its subsidiaries.


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