POST VOYAGER joins the Ubisoft and Animoca brands to support the launch of the Mythos Foundation


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POST VOYAGER, a blockchain arm of Japanese mobile games powerhouse Cocone and developer of the MOOI network, announced on Friday that it has entered into a partnership with Mythical Games, a web3 game technology company behind Blankos Block Party and NFL Rivals.

An NFT transport protocol for games

As part of this partnership, POST VOYAGER will contribute to the development of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of the Mythos blockchain game ecosystem. In particular, POST VOYAGER will join the initial group of ecosystem partners who will work collaboratively on the development of a fully decentralized NFT transport protocol connecting the best of the gaming industry with the best blockchain projects and initiatives. The initial Mythos ecosystem partners include leading game development and Metaverse companies, such as Ubisoft, Krafton, Animoca Brands, and a few others.

These partners will serve on three separate subcommittees and will be elected via the Mythos DAO by MYTH token holders and serve a one-year term on their respective subcommittees.

The announced partnership between the two gaming powerhouses promises to strengthen the position of MOOI Network and the Mythos blockchain. “We are united in our goal to give users a direct voice in their gaming experience and help game companies take advantage of Web3 opportunities. Mythos and the MOOI community will both be winners from this collaboration,” said said a source of POST VOYAGER.

Earlier this year, Post Voyager launched its own NFT platform Jellyme, a decentralized NFT marketplace that allows users to profit from their NFTs, primarily gaming assets by owning full ownership of their NFTs. The first Web3 game using MOOI Network as blockchain, Meta Livly, was launched in August, while 4 more blockchain games are awaiting launch on the MOOI Network in the last quarter of 2022.

POST VOYAGER is a subsidiary of IP giant, Cocone (stylized as Cocone), headquartered in Japan as the main publisher of mobile games. Cocone’s game apps specialize in a genre of avatar game known as CCP, Character Coordinating Play. With over 20 different services covering 129 million cumulative users, Cocone is well on its way to converting existing hit games into blockchain games. POST VOYAGER was created to support the creation of a bespoke game-fi blockchain infrastructure and has been exercising its expertise since 2019. To this end, POST VOYAGER has created a blockchain network called MOOI Network which will also host Cocone’s games. like creating a metaverse world for new and upcoming projects. MOOI Network plans to release 4 new blockchain games this year and plans to release many more to come in the near future.

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