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Pindrop, a global technology company that delivers security, identity and intelligence for every voice, announced that VeriCall Technology, a solution offered by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Next Caller, is now the leading ANI validation and detection platform. ‘spoofing, available on Amazon Marketplace for Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center service platform.

VeriCall technology

This offering will improve call verification and identity theft detection, while enabling businesses to personalize the customer experience, encourage self-service and reduce the need for frustrating and time-consuming authentication methods. , such as knowledge-based questions and one-time access codes.

During the second quarter of 2020, call volumes for some call centers increased by more than 800%, and 57% of fraud detection and prevention decision makers surveyed reported that fraud attacks against the center calls had increased through October 2020, according to Pindrop’s 2021 Voice Intelligence. and safety report.

This has created an increased need for call center technology that can help reduce call times and authenticate calls, while providing customers with a personalized experience, to help businesses of all sizes stay competitive. .

Access to ANI validation technology

We’re thrilled with this announcement as it helps level the playing field for contact centers of all sizes. “

Collin Davis, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Pindrop, said: “We’re excited about this announcement as it helps level the playing field for contact centers of all sizes. For the first time, companies running cloud-based contact centers on Amazon Connect have access to enterprise-grade ANI validation technology rarely available outside of traditional infrastructures.

Collin Davis adds: “VeriCall technology allows businesses to passively authenticate calls in a way that improves security, while removing experience friction caused by security questions and one-time passcodes. This can translate into shorter processing times and higher self-service rates which lower the cost per call.

Identity theft and call manipulation detection

VeriCall Technology uses machine learning to analyze the metadata of an incoming call and assign it a risk score in less than 60 milliseconds. The score is then transmitted to the interactive voice response (IVR).

VeriCall Technology also detects identity theft and other forms of call manipulation, to protect against telephone fraud. A lightweight, preconfigured API allows Amazon Connect users to quickly and easily access the capabilities of VeriCall technology through seamless integration into existing call flows with no tuning required.

VeriCall Technology has served corporate clients in the financial services, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications industries, analyzing more than two billion calls to date.


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