Personalized Fixed Cell Phone Accessories Display Rack Corrugated Cardboard Electronic Holder


Personalized Fixed Cell Phone Accessories Display Rack Corrugated Cardboard Electronic Holder
  • Can you tell me the details of this product?
  1. Advantages : Each carton with an instruction sheet which makes assembly easy, 3-5 minutes is the most for an unknown person.
  2. Project management: You just need to give us an idea of ​​the number of pieces to put and information on the size of the product. We can adjust the size and constructions according to your request.
  3. Assembly time: 3-5 minutes to assemble the complete display with our assembly instructions.

Style, structure, dimension, printing, branding and pattern can all be customized

  • Can cardboard displays load heavy products?

Yes he can. The load is 25-35 kg For over 12 years, TOPWON has been a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality cardboard POP displays and specialized packaging, including countertop and floor displays, racks. brochures and pallet displays.

  • How to cooperate with your company?
  1. If the design drawing is available – you send the design drawing size, target quantity and other specific requirements – seller’s quotation as per customer’s request – providing the deadline for the customer to create artwork – sample production – order confirm and pay the deposit – finish production and pay the balance – arrange delivery
  2. If no design drawing – we draw the 3D model according to your specific needs – seller quotation after confirming the 3D model – providing deadline for customer to create artwork – production of samples – order confirmation and payment from the deposit – finishing production and balance of payment – arrange delivery
  • What service can you provide?
  1. Communication in fluent English
  2. Respond quickly to all your questions
  3. Easy to get your point
  4. Best suggestion to increase your sales and lower your cost
  5. Creative design without strawberry

Flat pack, complete pack assembled or according to your needs Coles, Best Buy, Woolworths, Homedics, Costco, Apple, Budweiser We have participated in many world exhibitions and have been in many countries ISO 14001, ISO 9001, SEDEX, SGS, Des FSC free samples are waiting for you.


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