Pakistan Mobile Phone Brands Gathering 2016


The cell phone is now an integral part of our lives because it is the fastest source of communication in the world today. More than half of the world’s population is connected in 2016 thanks to this little gadget; indicating heavy use of the mobile phone. This excessive use has enabled cell phone manufacturing companies to generate large revenues from this industry. The increase in the penetration of cell phones on a monthly basis is another indicator of the rigor with which this industry is developing and is becoming a fundamental contributor to the national chessboard.

Pakistan Mobile Phone Brands Gathering 2016

As every year is marked by many essential changes in the technology sector of Pakistan. Gone are the days when there was only one mobile phone brand in Pakistan, as now several international and local brands have entered the competition. A smartphone as affordable as 5,000 rupees. is available in the market. Surprisingly, Pakistan is the only country in the world where a local mobile phone brand “QMobile” has been the market leader for several years.

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Likewise, speaking specifically of 2016, we have learned that many changes have taken place during this year in the mobile phone market in Pakistan. Along with the arrival of many new brands, some pre-existing brands are struggling to survive because they have failed to keep up with the latest technological trends. A new player who has joined the competitive league is “Alcatel” which was recently launched in Pakistan. Whereas 2016 has also turned out to be unfortunate for some brands like SONY, Club Mobile, MMobile, VIGO Tel, RIVO, GRIGHT and OPHONE which are almost closed in Pakistan. GFive, which recently started the local assembly of mobiles, still focuses on the Punjab region as a target.

Two brands that have aggressively entered the Pakistani smartphone market “OPPO” and “NEW” did not maintain their place in the market well and are currently struggling to survive, as they did not rely on any distributor for their distribution. The only brand of smartphones and multifunction phones “QMobile” which has managed to maintain its market share and dominate the market with around 50% actions.

Surprisingly, Pakistan is the only country in the world where a local mobile phone brand “QMobile” has been a market leader for several years

Two international brands “Samsung” with 15% market share and “Huawei” are in fierce competition with each other. “Huawei” day by day is gaining more market share in 4G smartphones, which is 1 / 4th of the market.

In order to dominate the market, brands are devising different and unique strategies when launching their mobile phones. In the same way, Infinix was started by DARAZ.PK while targeting the younger generation as it is only available online but still does a better job.

Another brand, “Microsoft “ has done its best to keep pace with the market by launching a lot of devices but unfortunately has not convinced the Android dominated market. One brand “LENOVO” is also slowly making its way into the market as it is slow to market but continues to gain more market share.

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Not only that, mobile operators also entered the device market by launching their phones, but unfortunately they failed. The two “Telenor” and “Jazz X” are flopped due to their low quality and specs of cell phones.

All of these changes indicate that the Pakistani mobile phone market has the potential to expand further in the coming days as mobile phone brands enthusiastically enter this market. Hopefully soon Pakistan will make its own smartphones with a proud label of “Made in Pakistan” above.

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