More than half of Americans love receiving promotional items from brands


Branded T-shirts, pens, mugs and more – a new survey has found that Americans “love” collecting promotional items.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that when receiving such products, the priorities are their uniqueness (38%), how they will use them (38%) and (35%) the durability of the product. item (34%).

More than half (53%) like to buy branded products and 51% use them regularly in their everyday life.

Among the top 50 items to receive according to Americans were water bottles, tote bags, calendars and phone cases.

T-shirts came out on top – 41% agreed that wearing or using items with certain brand logos helps represent their personality.

Commissioned by VistaPrint and conducted by OnePoll, the study found that three-quarters changed their perception of a brand in a positive way after receiving a promotional product from them.

And people are more likely to write a positive review online (40%), recommend the brand to others (40%) and follow them on social media (39%) if they get merchandise.

Similarly, an unusual design (45%), a distinctive brand name (38%) and a quote or slogan (37%) are the most likely to make people remember a brand.

Almost half (49%) prefer to receive products from small businesses, while 46% like to receive promotional products that they can use regularly.

“Research shows how much Americans like to use branded physical products to reflect their personality a bit,” said Llorenç Sola, general manager of VistaPrint Promotional Products, Apparel and Gifts.

“Our data shows that many people prefer to receive promotional products from small businesses and unknown brands. This indicates how effective promotional products and promotional products can be for small businesses in helping to spread the word and create a positive perception of their brand.

“By seeing others wearing a t-shirt or carrying a bag or a water bottle, those who may not have heard of a brand before will be introduced to it.”

The study also indicates that job fairs are the most common place to receive free gifts (50%).

Other places where Americans stocked up on promotional items include college open houses (47%), openings of places such as cafes or stores (41%) and their own workplace ( 33%).

Similarly, 83% have worn or used a product from the company they work for, including t-shirts (44%), notebooks (34%) and travel mugs (32%).

And benefits for employees receiving merchandise were found to be rewarding (58%) and team building (49%).

Two-thirds keep and regularly use goods, while 58% have given items as gifts to others and 34% bring products such as mugs to their workplace for common use.

Four in 10 say they are loyal to brands, with clothing (35%), cellphones (34%) and shoes (34%) also being the types of businesses most loyal to Americans.

Llorenç Sola added, “With US customers prioritizing the uniqueness of a promotional product, we recommend brands to get creative when it comes to designing their branded physical products.”





Bottles of water


Tote bags

Sun glasses





usb charger

Hydroalcoholic gel

Phone covers

Flash light

Laptop/tablet sleeve

Travel Coffee Mugs


Chocolate bar

Lunch box

USB key

car air freshener


fridge magnets

tea towel/cloth


Drinking glass, e.g. pint glass, shot glass


First aid kit

bottle openers

Face masks (PPE)

portable speakers

glasses case

Baked goods, e.g. cookies/brownies


laptop sticker

DIY tools


Car Sticker


stress ball



Drink koozie

Tape measure

pop socket

Bike reflectors

picture frame

Packet of plant seeds



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