Mobile number portability: how to transfer mobile number and check MNP status


How to carry a mobile number

If you have decided to transfer your phone number from one carrier to another, follow the steps mentioned below on how to transfer a number online.

1. First, send an SMS in the following format: PORT followed by a space circa 1900. The message would look something like: PORT around 1900. Make sure to send the MNP SMS from the same mobile number from which you wish to port.
2. Then you will receive a unique porting code (8 digits) from your current telecom operator on your mobile number. The UPC will be valid for 4 days throughout India except Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and North East where the code is valid for up to 30 days. 3. It is important to submit the UPC to your new operator as soon as possible.
4. Next, connect with your nearest service carrier or visit the telecom operator’s office / store.
5. Next, submit the 8-digit UPC number along with the required documents for mobile number portability.
6. The subscriber will be charged a small amount of Rs. 5.74 by the new operator.
7. Next, the new carrier to which you are porting your mobile number will send a request to your old service provider for a background check of any outstanding or overdue mobile bill payments.
8. Once the verification process is complete, your new telecom operator will notify you of the time and date of the mobile SIM port process by SMS.
9. During the process of porting your mobile number, your mobile phone services will remain suspended for approx. 2 hours.
10. You can now insert the new SIM card to activate your mobile number with the new network service provider.

How to transfer a phone number online

If you want to port your phone number online, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. First, download the app from the telecom provider you want to port your mobile number to.
2. Then open the app and navigate to the app port section.
3. Then you will see the option to keep the existing number and change the telecommunications provider.
4. Select the type of SIM card you need, whether prepaid or postpaid.
5. Next, choose the plan that best suits you and confirm your location for home delivery of your SIM card.

How to transfer a phone number online

How to track MNP status online

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) indicates that the maximum period for porting a mobile number should not exceed 4 days. If you have requested porting of your mobile number and want to check your MNP status online, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. To check the MNP status, go to MY Port Status (Zone – 1) or Know Your Porting Status (Zone – 2).
2. Then enter your mobile number.
3. Then enter the UPC code.
4. Next, click I am not a robot for verification.
5. Next, press the MNP Status button to check your MNP status online.

How to track MNP status online

How to cancel an MNP request

If you change your mind, you can also cancel your MNP request by following the steps mentioned below.

1. A subscriber may withdraw his porting request within 24 hours of submitting a porting request.
2. Then send an SMS to 1900.
3. If you wish to cancel the porting request, send a “CANCEL” SMS followed by a space and your 10-digit mobile number whose porting request you wish to cancel.
4. After the withdrawal of the porting request, the customer will not be entitled to any reimbursement of the porting costs paid, if any.

How to cancel an MNP request

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