Mint Mobile’s Cheap Phone Plans Are For The Whole “Family” – Review Geek

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Phone plans are expensive, especially for families. Mint Mobile, an MNVO that sells prepaid plans, has often claimed some of the most affordable plans for individuals. Now, the company is ready to offer family plans and, as expected, they come at a low price.

As is often the case now with Mint Mobile, Ryan Reynolds announced the new family plans on his YouTube channel. The well-known celebrity bought a co-ownership stake in the company in 2019 and often portrays himself as the owner of the business in new advertisements. It used the same format to advertise free 5G, unlimited plans, and more.

But while Mint Mobile offers affordable prepaid plans that tap into T-Mobile’s network, those have always been individual plans. You will need to purchase an individual plan for each member and manage them all separately for a family. Now you can reach everyone with a minimum of two lines and up to five lines. And Reynolds is keen to say that despite the plan’s name, you don’t have to be family members to pool lines (unlike other no-name phone services).

The amount you save for opting for a family plan is a bit more complicated. Individual Mint Mobile plans vary depending on how much payment term you are willing to pay. Buy just three months of service for Mint Mobile’s 4GB individual plan and you’ll pay $25 per month ($75 upfront). But pay for a full year of service, and it’s effectively $15 a month ($180 upfront).

Bundle two or more lines into the family plan and you’ll get access to that $15-a-month rate with 4GB of data, even if you only pay three months up front. This means that for two people you will need to pay $90, but you can split this up two ways to help cover the costs. Mint Mobile offers plans with more data that cost more, and you can mix and match the family plan. If you need unlimited access, but you have a friend who only needs 4GB, you can make it happen and work out the details yourself.

The new Mint Mobile Family plan is available now and you can sign up on the company’s website.


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