How to track your stolen iPhone or Android smartphone?


Losing a smartphone is unfortunate, but not uncommon. Sometimes it happens to us. Sometimes it happens with someone we know. In this case, what do you do? You file an FIR. Or, you use features like Find My Phone. What if your hunt is still unsuccessful? This is what we are covering in today’s article, i.e. teaching you how to track a stolen smartphone with the Government of India portal, called CEIR.

CEIR stands for Central Equipment Identity Register. It is developed by the Department of Telecommunications to reduce the counterfeit mobile phone market. Why is this important? It just has to do with your data. If your data or the phone registered under your name is compromised, it can cause big problems. Therefore, this website helps you register a complaint and track the whereabouts of your smartphone. More importantly, it allows you to block access to the smartphone even if the device’s SIM card is changed.

How to use CEIR?

Using the CEIR website is simple. If you have lost your phone, use the lock option on the CEIR website. If you select this option, the site will open a form that will ask for your mobile number, IMEI number, model, and other relevant details. Users should remember that you need the police complaint number to submit a form, which you will get when registering an FIR.

What should you do if you found the phone? Very simple, there is an unblocking option. Click on it and submit the request ID and other details. Using this method, you can unlock access to your recovered smartphone. There is also a “Check Application Status” option to see the status of the stolen smartphone.

Basic practices

Now that you know how to track and monitor stolen smartphones, let’s talk about other issues you need to practice. First, if you bought a used phone. How to check if it is stolen or not? Two solutions.

You can send a message saying KYM followed by the IMEI number to 14422. If the phone is genuine, you will receive a reply with information about the phone. If you get a response that it’s blacklisted, don’t use it because it might be stolen. You can also download the KYM app from Google Play and Apple Store to get more information.

If you cannot find the IMEI number, the information will be available in the Settings app. Or dial *#06#. The IMEI number is also available on the smartphone box.

Another important practice you should follow is to save the IMEI number on a notepad. Users also need to periodically backup files to cloud storage or hard drive to recover lost files.

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