How to save on your cellular plan


LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Everything seems to cost more these days, so it’s important to save money where you can.

13 Action News Anchor Dave Courvoisier has your take on the best cell phone plans and what to consider when choosing the most affordable option.


“I’m having trouble with phones not connecting or gurgling,” said cellphone user Tammy.

Most of us have a complaint or two about our cell phone service, but the number one complaint, for Tammy and many other Americans, is the price. “The service is getting a bit pricey,” she said.

“Honestly, you have to know what you can afford,” said Onjeinika Brooks, editor of US News 360 Reviews.

Brooks recently reviewed several reviews online to find out what matters most to cell phone users. She says many lock themselves into a contract without ever asking the most important questions.

“Like how much does it cost per month. How much data will they come with? Will there be any extras? We look at that and give our ratings based on that,” Brooks said.


Brooks’ research places three small carriers in the top three spots.

Tello Economy is number one as the best overall plan, followed by Mint Mobile Unlimited as the most versatile prepaid plan and Visible Unlimited as the best group plan.

“They’re really what’s called mobile virtual network operators, so they don’t have physical buildings. That’s how they can pass some of those savings on to the consumer,” Brooks said.

Unfortunately, Brooks says far too many people are paying too much for data.

“The biggest surprise I found in my research is that most consumers would like an unlimited plan. However, most people don’t use that much data… Most of us can comfortably use about 20 gigabytes of data per month,” Brooks said. .

The other mistake many make is spending money on the latest model. “Consumers may be distracted by this new phone,” Brooks said.


Bashir Dur Mohammed is the owner of PhoneWorld on Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard. He agrees and says there are always more affordable phone options.

“I would recommend the older phone over the newer one,” Dur Mohammed said.

He recommends a high-end model from a few years ago that still offers a great camera and other popular features for a fraction of the price.

“An Android phone like Galaxy S20 would be great, S21…Or if they want an iPhone, something like iPhone 12, iPhone XS, those are all fantastic choices,” Dur Mohammed said.

In case you’re concerned about connectivity, Brooks says many smaller carriers rent network space from big names like T-Mobile and Verizon.


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