How to Recover Deleted File on Android


how to recover deleted file on android With this handy guide, you will be able to recover that video or photo you accidentally deleted that was in a WhatsApp chat.

During the daily use of WhatsApp, it is very likely that we receive photos and videos on our mobile. This causes the internal memory of the device to fill up easily, which causes problems because it would prevent us from installing any other application that we want later.

This is why we are forced to delete many files at once or in batches, and this causes that, without realizing it, we delete a photo or video that is very important to us and we do not know how retrieve it. Below we will show you three methods to recover that photo on our mobile.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp File on Android Phone First check your device’s gallery and albums. Locate the folder named WhatsApp, there will be all received images. If you cannot find the photo or video you deleted, go to the internal files of the smartphone. To do this, use Files by Google and find the WhatsApp folder in the Explore tab.

If you have enabled the backup option of the application, you will only have to restore it. You must enter “Settings”, then “Chat” and finally “Backup”, all from WhatsApp. This will be used – if you make a daily backup – to find the photo or video you want to recover.

Such a short question but with a very broad answer. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging application for the latest generation of cell phones. It is used to send text and multimedia messages between its users. Its operation is similar to the most common instant messaging programs for computers.

Each user can identify himself with his telephone number. Currently, all you have to do is add someone to your contact list to automatically have the option to chat with them. To chat, it is essential that the sender and receiver have this app installed on their digital device.

Therefore, developers who do not update their app and include at least one available API for two years after the latest Android release, will notice that their app will stop working in the Google Play Store.

Google says the main reason is to keep users safe, as these outdated apps don’t include the security and privacy features found in newer versions of Android. The Internet giant clarifies that there are few applications that do not receive updates.

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