How cellular technology will take Motocaddy GPS golf carts to the next level


Motocaddy has revealed details of its highly anticipated performance plan. Hannah Holden takes you there

We told you in March how Motocaddy GPS technology is taking it to the next level with cellular capabilities, including a built-in SIM card – as you’ll find in your mobile phone – to bring you real-time course mapping, updates, and updates. day and performance monitoring data.

We now have more information on the Motocaddy performance plan and its cost.

Let’s dive into …

Motocaddy GPS performance plan

The Motocaddy Performance Plan is an upgrade to the existing GPS technology in the M5 GPS, M5 GPS DHC and M-Tech GPS electric trucks. This subscription plan allows you to unlock a number of new features on the handle of your cart.

For the 40,000 golf courses available, you will get a full map of each hole as well as a close-up view of the green. As the handles are touchscreen, you also have the flexibility to click and get distances to any part of the hole. If you know the positions of the pins, you can also move them to the appropriate position on the green.

No longer will you have to worry about grabbing your laser or GPS, as the data is right in front of you on your cart handle with every shot.

If you download the Motocaddy app update, you can track your score and key stats to help you improve your game.

The integrated cellular SIM card means you can get real-time course updates. This gives you the most up-to-date software update mappings and notifications. You can download them wherever you are.

The new Motocaddy Performance Plan will initially be available via a six-month – or 12-month free trial with M-Tech GPS – allowing users to test features before purchasing.

“We encourage all golfers around the world who own a compatible Motocaddy GPS cart to sign up for the free trial and take advantage of industry-leading feature upgrades,” said Oliver Churcher, Brand Marketing Director.

“The performance plan has been around for years and it shows how Motocaddy pushes the boundaries of what an electric forklift can do. We believe the performance plan provides the tools for every player to play golf better and enjoy the game more. ”

The free trial will be activated when you install the latest software update on your cart. After the trial period, users will have the option of purchasing an annual subscription for £ 49.99 per year, or reverting to the ‘standard’ functionality offered on the carts.

For more information, visit the Motocady site.

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