Follow these tips to improve gaming performance on your smartphone


Your smartphone is incredibly fast when playing games. Now with great speed comes heat. Once the heat reaches a certain threshold, thermal throttling begins to occur. Thermal throttling can not only cause your games to lag, but also reduce the life of your device, over time. One of the best ways to reduce heating issues is to optimize certain settings on your phone, which helps your games run more smoothly.

Adjust screen refresh rate

Most high-end phones these days, especially Samsung and OnePlus, come with variable refresh rates, which essentially smooth out on-screen animations. Although these appear as minor improvements during normal use, such as social media and YouTube, they are very useful during games, providing a stutter-free experience and allowing for faster reactions.

You can adjust the refresh rate by going to your phone’s display settings. (PhotoExpress)

You can change the refresh rate on your device by heading to display settings > advanced > refresh rate and then choosing the highest, which in most cases should be 90Hz. for daily use, you can turn it off and on again while playing.

Delete Junk

If your phone is loaded with too many files, most of them unnecessary, it could slow down your device. These files can range from old media files, unused documents, junk data from uninstalled apps, old update packages, or registry entries when installing an app. You can clear them by going to your phone’s storage settings > Free up space and selecting the items you want to get rid of. Next, tap Free Up in the lower right corner.

Removing unwanted junk files from your phone can help improve gaming performance. (Photo Express)

Now, depending on the skin of your Android operating system, you may also have a pre-installed junk file cleaner on your phone that scans and deletes all cache data. This is great for quick fixes when your phone starts running slow and you don’t have time to sit down and select apps to uninstall.

Just be sure not to overdo it, because cache files, in the right amount, can help apps start faster – they memorize the startup process.

Discord Overlay

The voice chat system in most multiplayer games is lackluster. Unclear audio, disconnections, and barely functioning push-to-talk buttons can lead to a frustrating gaming experience. Discord is an excellent optimized application that facilitates voice communications, although many choose to control it by disabling themselves from their game. Which, when done in repeated successions, causes the RAM to clog.

The Discord overlay lets you access your friends list, make voice calls, and send text messages to everyone, without having to repeatedly close your game. (Image credit: Discord)

You can instead enable the Discord Overlay feature by going to settings. This opens up a translucent Discord menu above your game, without hogging much of your memory. You can invite teammates, send text messages, and browse your favorite servers without having to tab or worry about in-game performance.

Enable Force 4x MSAA

The 4x MSAA option is a multi-sampling tool found in most mobile games, striking the right balance between graphics and performance. Game edges no longer look polygonal and you gain the same frame rates as if you were playing on the lowest graphics settings.

You can enable the 4x MSAA option by going to developer options on Android. (PhotoExpress)

The setting is available on games that run on the OpenGL 2.0 driver and can be enabled through the game’s settings or locked through the phone’s developer settings – although this can cause your battery to drain quickly.

In the Settings app, go to About phone and tap on the build number multiple times to unlock the developer interface. Now you can go back to main settings and tap System > Developer options > Force 4x MSAA. Depending on your OS skin, you may find it difficult to follow these steps, for which you can simply type “Force 4x MSAA” in the search bar.


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