Editor’s Guide to Negotiating a Better Mobile Plan


Selecting a mobile phone plan is extremely complicated if you don’t know how to negotiate with plan providers. Network companies train their salespeople to trick you into selecting the most expensive contracts because it’s easy money for them. For some clients, the contract ends up being a win-win deal, but it’s not the same for everyone.

Remember that a sales job usually works on commissions from deals a salesperson closes. So never leave if you can’t reach a fair deal. The seller will be more likely to make a deal if you threaten to cancel their service once and for all. Losing a customer is always bad news for them, and they’ll probably agree to offer a low-cost plan rather than lose a customer and risk their jobs.

This article includes some tips you can use to negotiate a mobile plan that suits your needs. Read and choose wisely!

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Check competing offers beforehand

The best way to get a good deal from your network provider is to collect knowledge about certain facts which you can then use to your advantage. This includes checking the products, services and mobile phone plans offered by competitors in your network. Another important thing to look for is customer reviews of your network and its competitors. The next thing is to write down all the best offers in order to have a fair comparison so that you can select the best cell phone plan as per your desire.

There are several ways you can use to collect information about different mobile phone plans in the market. Mobile phone companies offer contracts and phones in different ways: through brochures, in stores and online. Be sure to check out their online pages to compare their plans with yours. If you are not convinced by the websites, visit their nearby stores.

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Stay up to date with the latest discounts and offers

It’s easy to get trapped into buying an expensive contract if you go for a hasty deal, like same-day discounts. You should be aware of all offers and promotions, their prices and what they offer. Also, you should call their customer representatives to understand how they treat and facilitate their customers. This way, you can easily separate the best plan from your comparison list and select the one that suits you best.

Instead of signing a one-year or two-year contract, opt for monthly plans as they are low budget and offer more value for their price.

Also consider prepaid plans

Most of us overlook prepaid cell phone plans when negotiating a contract with our network provider. However, prepaid cell phone plans are cheap and competitive. Many prepaid service providers are directly affiliated with the larger networks, making their operating costs much lower than their parent network. This is why the deals they offer are quite cheap compared to the big networks.

For example, in the UK, Talk Home offers the best monthly prepaid plans for call minutes and internet data. This network is affiliated with EE, one of the oldest and largest mobile networks in the UK. You can also check out the best UK international calling plans here.

Empathy can win you

A common tactic used by most network providers is to build trust with their customers. Their representatives are trained to make their customers feel like they are having a casual conversation with an old friend. The psychological effect of this empathy tactic compels the client to buy the contract offered to him.

However, you can cleverly reverse the whole script against the sales rep. You should be the one to get their attention by showing them empathy. Start by asking questions about their day and how they are feeling. Show your interest in them, but don’t be too familiar. Let them feel your empathy about their daily struggles in life.

Your empathy and kindness can help you achieve great things, especially if you’re trying to reduce your cell phone bill. Even if you are unable to get a discounted package, chances are you know when is the right time to ask for a discounted package.

Check your current bill to see what you don’t need

While it’s easy to set up automatic payment for your monthly mobile bill, it’s often a good idea to inspect your bills to make sure you’re not paying for things you don’t use. Switch to a plan that closely matches your needs if you’re not using all of your minutes every month every day to save money.

Review your monthly usage stats to see how much of your monthly data and text plan is being used. If you’re not about to use up all of your monthly minutes, talk to your mobile carrier about other alternative plans.

Find out if you qualify for employer discounts

Many companies make deals with major network providers to work out discounted plans exclusively for their employees. Thousands of companies around the world offer huge employee discounts to facilitate their employees in exchange for better productivity, but surprisingly, they don’t advertise it.

Plus, these exclusive discounts are also available to students and service members. So, if you are enrolled as a student, military, or working for the government or any other reputable company, you should check if you are eligible for this discount.

You might have been a customer of the same network for years and not have a clue about these discounts unless you inquire. Therefore, research is key.


It wouldn’t be surprising if by following these tips, you gave up buying your next mobile phone plan much cheaper than any other normal customer. All expensive cell phone plans can be free or very cheap if customer representatives are willing to give you discounts. All you have to do is try it once. Even if you don’t manage to get the deal you want, you have nothing to lose. You can just come another day or try any other network.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can also ask the representative to put you in touch with the retention service and demand more discounts on your current mobile phone plan. If the seller offers you an unacceptable discount, just hang up and try again. Since the call will be directed to their call center, you will never have the same agent again. Probably, the new agent could offer you a more flexible plan.


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