Don’t run 5G speed tests on your phone, it will eat up your 1GB/2GB data plan in a jiffy


Yes, we are excited to finally see 5G services in India. Jio and Airtel users naturally want to see how fast 5G speeds are in their locality. The best way to see 5G speeds is to use speed test apps like SpeedTest by Ookla and FAST Speed ​​Test. But be warned, run a few quick 5G speed tests on your smartphone and you’ll find yourself draining your 1GB or 2GB data in minutes.

5G speed tests consume a lot of data

Knowing that 5G speed tests can exhaust your daily data limit in a jiffy, you should probably use it less. The current problem is that Airtel and Jio offer 5G with existing 4G data plans. This means that Jio and Airtel customers with 1GB, 2GB or 3GB prepaid plans have very little data to play with on 5G, as next-generation mobile connectivity consumes huge data packets.

Although Jio mentioned “unlimited 5G data” in its welcome offer, users will only be able to use 5G speeds until their daily data quota is exhausted. Once you’ve used up your 1GB, 2GB, or 3GB data plan, you’ll be back to 64Kbps speeds, which will feel like a massive drop after experiencing 5G.

The Jio 5G welcome offer is currently only available in four cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. In order to get an invite for the Jio 5G welcome offer, you will need to be in one of these four cities, own a 5G-enabled device, and have an active basic plan of Rs 239 and above on your number. You can then use the speed test apps without worrying about exhausting your data.

Airtel 5G services, on the other hand, work without any prompts. If you are an Airtel user in any of the 8 cities that are part of the initial rollout phase, you will be able to see the 5G network provided you have a 5G smartphone with 5G enabled via OTA update. Most OEMs have rolled out the OTA update that enables 5G, but Samsung and Apple have yet to release the update for their devices.


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