Cops Arrest Man Who Used Fake ID To Transfer Cell Phone Credit To Other Users



KUALA LUMPUR: A man was arrested for fraudulently transferring mobile phone credit from other users to prepaid accounts he had registered.

Police investigations revealed that the suspect had forged identification documents in order to register prepaid plans on behalf of existing customers of a telecommunications company (telco).

The director of the Federal Department of Commercial Crime Investigation, Comm Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din, said he arrested the 32-year-old suspect at a house in Kota Baru, Kelantan, on Tuesday (October 19th).

“We seized three cell phones and six SIM cards as well as computer equipment

“The suspect was remanded in custody until October 23 to facilitate further investigations,” he said in a statement Wednesday (October 20th).

“The suspect allegedly changed the details of his identification documents to match the details of customers who were signed up for post-paid plans with a telephone company.

“The suspect then used the (forged) ID card to open a new prepaid plan with the same phone company,” he said, adding that the suspect would then register the number using the phone company app.

He said once the new phone number was registered, the system would assume the number belonged to the same registered customer and allow the suspect to transfer credit between lines.

“So far, the telephone company has suffered losses of RM 3,882 due to the illegal credit transfer.

“We have opened investigations for cheating under article 420 of the Penal Code,” he said, adding that the suspect was linked to at least eight cases with a similar modus operandi.



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