Cleric advises parents to put in tech-free hours at home


Pastor James Ayodele of Christ Praise Church, Ilorin advised parents to operate tech-free hours in their homes and create time for their children.

Ayodele made the call to Ilorin on Saturday in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria.

He said parents need to create time for their children, not compete with them by spending their time on phones and the internet on their computers.

According to him, most parents spend more of their time on the phone and on the computer and do not bother to check on the well-being of their children.

“Parents should give their children their full attention and spend less time pressing phones. Operate for hours without technology when no one is using the phone.

“Establish tech-free zones in your home and make room for a round table.

“There should be a specific time when dad, mom and children are not allowed to press the phone in the house to allow the family to share their thoughts and challenges.

“Parents are getting carried away with their addiction to computers and cell phones. Social media addiction is not limited to only children or teenagers. Parents are also guilty,” he said.

The cleric, however, advised parents to lead by example and confront their children with reality every time. (



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