Can be canceled monthly: The best mobile phone rates from 0 to 30 euros


Every month, we search for the best mobile phone rates on the O2, Telekom and Vodafone networks. We scale the offers according to price levels up to 5, 10, 20 and 30 euros. All tariffs can be canceled on a monthly basis and are SIM only, i.e. without smartphone. For each price category, we display the best price-performance ratio of the respective network.

We are also looking for information on download speed and cost traps such as automatic data transmission. Number portability is possible for all offers. The supplier gives more details about this when concluding a collective agreement.

Some rates are not billed monthly but every four weeks. Here billing takes place every 28 days, which in practice is a bit more expensive than monthly billing.

If you are interested in a mobile phone rate, you should check the network coverage in your area in advance. All providers offer matching cards on their websites. To be really sure, you should also ask your friends or neighbors if they have a good reception.

Up to 5 euros

Who cares with the O2Network, you can try it for free. For this purpose, O2 a free SIM test. It offers unlimited 5G data volume (max. 500 Mbit / s) as well as flat rate telephony and SMS for one month free of charge. An application as E-SIM is not possible. After the test phase, the tariff ends automatically and without having to cancel. There are no other monthly fees.

If you are constantly looking for a free SIM card in the O2 network, you should stop at the O2 Netzclub brand. There you get 200MB per month for free (max. 21.6 Mbit / s). There is no connection price. Anyone who wants to use the card to make calls pays 9 cents per minute via prepaid. There are no cost traps. If the included data volume is exhausted, the speed is reduced to 64 kbit / s. There is one more catch: Netzclub sends you advertising SMS to your phone number.

Anyone happy with the O2 network should take a look at Simplytel’s offering. The Drillisch brand still offers a package with 3 GB (max. 50 Mbit / s) as well as fixed-price telephony and SMS until November 9 for 5 euros per month at. For the short-term option, you pay a one-off fee of 20 euros. Then you can cancel the contract monthly and it will expire within three months. As with all Drillisch brands, the following applies: Be careful with automatic data control. The provider reserves an additional 200 MB for 2 euros on the user account up to three times a month when the included data volume is used up. Users can turn off automatic in the customer portal.

I am Telecom-Net offers discounters Penny and Rewe the best rates up to 5 euros per month. Customers receive 1 GB (max. 25 Mbit / s) of data volume and 100 free minutes for 5 euros every four weeks. The price of the connection is around 10 euros each. A starting credit of EUR 7.50 is credited to the customer account and anyone who entered their phone number before November 7 will receive an additional credit of EUR 30. Anyone who wishes to terminate can do so on a daily basis. The contract then expires within four weeks.

In the D-Netz, so at Vodafone Where Telecom, Freenet Mobile continues to offer the best mobile rate at less than 5 euros. There is 1 GB (max. 25 Mbit / s) and 100 free minutes / SMS for 5 euros per month; In the last two months, however, you still paid 4 euros for the same offer. A single connection price of 20 euros is due for the tariff. Monthly termination is possible.

Up to 10 euros

More GB per euro in O2-Netz is currently available under the Drillisch Winsim brand. Here you get 8 GB permanently (max. 50 Mbit / s) for 8 euros per month if you sign a contract before November 9. A flat rate for telephony and SMS is included. Otherwise the conditions correspond to those of Simplytel; So 20 euros for the connection, option for a short contract duration and automatic data control which can be deactivated.

Who in TelecomNetwork is looking for as many GB as possible and is in good hands with the telecom brand Fraenk. Here you can get a promotional code BAEM 6 instead of 5 GB with a maximum of 25 Mbit / s for 10 euros per month. If you refer friends, you will receive an additional 1 GB of mobile Internet data volume per friend at all times; at least as long as the friends stay with Fraenk. So you can expand your included data volume up to 10 GB. The mobile phone rate can be canceled on a monthly basis and has no connection fees. You can request, cancel and manage the rate through your own app. Payment via PayPal is even possible with this mobile phone contract. A direct number transfer from Congstar or Telekom is not possible.

I am Vodafone-Netz offers Simon Mobile the best offer up to 10 euros for the fifth consecutive month. If you take your old phone number with you, you benefit from 8 GB (max. 50 Mbit / s) including flat rate telephony and SMS for 9 euros per month. There is no connection price. The following providers are excluded from number porting: Congstar, Bildmobil, Fraenk, Mobilcom-Debitel, O2, Otelo, Puremobile, Tchibo Mobil, Telekom and Vodafone. If you still want the tariff, you have to pay 12 euros per month for the same offer with a new phone number or bring your phone number with you to an authorized operator and then switch to Simon Mobile. Numbers can be transferred to Simon Mobile from Drillisch brands such as or

Up to 20 euros

Mobilcom-Debitel has had the best for over six months O2-Rate between 11 and 20 euros. There are 20 GB (max. 225 Mbit / s) and an all-network package for telephony and SMS for 17 euros per month. For the connection, you pay a one-off fee of 40 euros. If you wish to terminate, you can do so monthly with a two-week deadline to extend the contract.

I am Network D Freenet Mobile has been offering the best rate up to 20 euros for six months. For 17 euros per month You currently benefit from 20 GB instead of 15 GB (max. 50 Mbit / s) as well as fixed rate telephony and SMS. The price of the connection is a single package of 30 euros. If you wish to cancel, you can do so monthly up to two weeks before the contract is extended.

If you want to park your number for a month or two, you should stop by Verivox. There is one here Telecom-Congstar Fair Flat rate for 15 euros per month. This includes 5 GB (max. 25 Mbit / s) as well as flat rate telephony and SMS. The price of the connection is a single package of 35 euros. Sounds expensive? Yes and no, because for the money there is also a free Apple Airtag (test report); individually it currently costs around 25 euros. In addition, there is a 10 euro credit if you take your phone number with you and an instant 30 euro bonus when you upload your invoice to the Verivox customer account. Termination is possible at any time with two weeks notice for the next contract extension.

Vodafone has increased the included data volume of the Callya Digital prepaid tariff from 10 to 15 GByte (max. 500 Mbit / s) since September 2021. The price of 20 euros has remained the same. New customers receive a credit of 10 euros if they take their number with them. There are no one-off connection fees. Monthly termination is possible with one month’s notice to extend the contract.

Up to 30 euros

30 GB in the Telekom network for 25 euros per month? Yes, this rate is available as a cancellable monthly rate. Unfortunately not at the moment. We expect very good deals of up to 30 euros on Black Friday at the end of November. Until then, there are also comparable offers in the O2-Network.

This means with the best price-performance ratio Freenet Funk. There is an unlimited data volume (max. 225 MBit / s) for 30 euros per month. You pay 1 euro per day for unlimited LTE. Anyone who can manage with 1 GB per day can adjust their rate daily. Then you only pay 70 cents per day. Flat rate calls and texts are always included. Offer may be canceled daily.

Smart phones

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From free SIM to unlimited data volume for 30 euros, everything is included in the mobile phone rates we researched. From our point of view, the offers of Simon mobile and Freenet Mobile for the Vodafone network, Fraenk for the Telekom network and Freenet Funk for the O2 network.

Disclaimer: This article is generated from the feed and is not edited by our team.


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