Best Verizon Business Phone and Data Plans


Looking to upgrade your company’s mobile lines to faster 5G connections and save money at the same time? Check out these offers from the mobile operator for small and medium businesses and get unlimited calls, texts and data for your employees and collaborators.

Fortunately, mobile plans for businesses are both simpler and cheaper than general consumer plans. With fewer * footnotes and caveats, it’s considerably easier to save on mobile and data plans, choosing the one that’s right for your business.

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The cheapest Verizon phone plans

Business Unlimited Start 2.0 Business Unlimited Plus 2.0 Business Unlimited Pro 2.0
Price per line excluding taxes $30 $35 $45
5G access Nationwide 5G access National 5G and 5G ultra-broadband access
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot (600 Kbps after 5 GB/line/month)
  • 100 GB Premium data (unlimited data slower thereafter)
  • 50 GB premium hotspot data (up to 3 Mbps after)
  • Unlimited premium data
  • 100 GB premium hotspot data (up to 3 Mbps after)
Other benefits
  • International data
  • Anti-spam call filter
  • International data
  • Anti-spam call filter
  • “Business Mobile Secure” package
  • International data
  • Anti-spam call filter
  • “Business Mobile Secure” package
  • 50% off Table Pro plan
Consult the offer* Register Register Register

In the phone plan department, all three of Verizon’s current business plans offer unlimited calls, texts, and data using 4G and 5G networks. The Plus and Pro plans add 5G ultra-wideband (aka mmWave) support, for faster speeds and lower latency in select markets.

While the Unlimited Pro plan offers no restrictions on speeds or phone data allowances, the Plus plan limits the maximum speed after using 100 GB of data (phone or mobile hotspot) during the month. It’s worth noting that the Plus and Pro plans limit access to full-speed hotspots to 50 and 100 GB per month, respectively.

On top of that, all plans offer international data with up to 500MB per day, plus a spam blocker for phone calls. The Plus plan adds a security package, while the Pro subscription includes a 50% discount on the Unlimited Tablet Pro plan.

The new Apple iPad Air is among the devices available with a Verizon Business Unlimited tablet plan / © NextPit

Regarding data plans for tablets or wireless modem hotspots, all offers include unlimited data, the Start plan does not allow the use of the tablet as a mobile hotspot, which is available in the Tablet Pro plan. The Pro option also adds faster data connections using mmWave bands (Verizon’s ultra-wideband network).

Hotspot-exclusive data plans are even simpler, both offering ultra-wideband and differing only in the amount of premium data included: 60GB in the Plus plan and 100GB in the Pro plan.

Faster Verizon Fiber Broadband Plans

Internet fios 100 iOS Internet 300 Internet fios 940
Price per line excluding taxes $69 $129 $249
Connection speed 100/100 Mbps 300/300 Mbps 940/880 Mbps
  • Activation fee: $49
  • Optional voice line ($25/month)
  • Router rental fee: $15/month
  • No activation fees
  • Optional voice line ($10/month)
  • Router rental fee: $15/month
  • No activation fees
  • Voice line included
  • No router rental fees
See offers* See availabilities See availabilities See availabilities

For high-speed fiber optic Internet packages, Verizon offers its Fios service. It’s worth checking the fine print when signing up, especially for the cheaper plans, which don’t include free router rental ($15 per month, and can be skipped if you already have a compatible Wi-Fi router).

Along with the faster speeds, approaching gigabit-like connections, the fastest plan also adds a digital voice landline, plus a Visa prepaid card and free router rental.

And that’s it for our quick guide to the best Verizon plans for business. Leave a comment below if you want NextPit to cover other ISPs.


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