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So you want that premium phone coverage for a fraction of the price? We hear you. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have the best coverage in Australia, but their plans often come at a high price. Although there is an alternative – enter the MVNOs.

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are smaller providers that rely on Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks. They offer the same great coverage as the telecom giants without the high price tag, and Australians are flocking to them.

MVNOs are especially valuable if you want Telstra’s amazing coverage but don’t want to pay Telstra prices. Many MVNOs use the Telstra network, including some you’ve probably heard of like Boost Mobile and Tangerine. Telstra MVNOs reach around 98.8% of the Australian population, so they’re a great choice if nationwide coverage is a top priority for your phone plan.

Best Telstra MVNOs in Australia

MVNO plans tend to have fewer inclusions than Telstra plans, but they often make up for that with added benefits. Woolworths Mobile’s $20 top-up plan, for example, includes 12GB of data, but you also get 10% off your groceries each month. Mate plans currently include a TIDAL music subscription and Exetel offers huge data transfer limits (up to 200GB) so you don’t waste any of the data you pay for.

Most MVNO plans are also data heavy and end up being much cheaper than a data-heavy Telstra plan. The $30 Boost Mobile prepaid plan, for example, includes 40GB of data, which is renewed if you top up before your current plan expires.

Another advantage of MVNOs is that most plans are contract-free. If you sign up for a plan and realize it doesn’t have everything you need, you can simply upgrade to another plan that better meets your needs (or offers better additional benefits).

Despite the dry-sounding name, MVNOs are becoming increasingly common for budget-conscious Australians, and for good reason. They offer premium coverage without the premium price, especially when it comes to telecom giant Telstra.

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