Are you a gamer? HyperEngine is the technology you need to know


Central America and the Caribbean, August 23, 2022. As part of Gamers Day celebrated on August 29, it is relevant to point out that mobile gaming has become one of the most attractive features when buying a smartphone. And although playing video games with titles like Candy Crush or Tap Tap Revenge was a casual activity until a few years ago, advances in technology are bringing smartphones closer to competing with video game consoles and even computers. .

Current games on mobile devices have nothing to envy to their counterparts on consoles: in any application store one can find games with HD graphics, including ray tracing (ray tracing) and up to at 144 frames per second, spec Fancy consoles are what shakes the most.

Even though most phones on the market have a GPU (graphics processing unit) powerful enough to perform graphics-intensive tasks, such as those required for video games, few have technology in their features specifically designed for gaming. to focus on. Although mobile games have become sophisticated at this level, it is fair to say that not all smartphones on the market can run them at their maximum performance, so the gamer must settle for a “good” experience and not ‘An excellent.

That’s why MediaTek, a global semiconductor company, launched HyperEngine technology, which specifically aims to deliver a superior video game experience to users. HyperEngine is an engine that powers smartphones with MediaTek chipsets with features that enable gaming experience to levels never seen before.

,When it comes to games, we want users to have different experiences, for example, the hybrid connectivity offered by MediaTek HyperEngine. When playing games, the connection can quickly switch between cellular and wireless networks, so the user experience will never be interrupted; It usually takes time to switch from one to the other. This technology ensures that you will always have a connected experienceRosa assured.

MediaTek HyperEngine improves every aspect of smartphone gaming because every millisecond counts. In its fifth generation, gamers enjoy low-latency Wi-Fi and 5G connections with intelligent multi-network balancing; Optimized resource management that increases and maintains FPS while maximizing battery life; and new AI-based imaging enhancements to utilize MediaTek’s powerful APUs.

The 5 key features of this technology are:

5G HSR mode for gaming

With HSR (High-Speed ​​​​Rail) mode, the smartphone will actively search and connect to the lowest latency cellular tower available to reduce online ping. This is especially useful when traveling quickly and between games, as it allows for low latency.

Bluetooth 5.2 + LC3 audio encoding

You may not know it, but MediaTek is an early licensee of the latest Fraunhofer IIS LC3 audio encoding. LC3 audio encoding can compress higher quality to lower bitrates, enabling more efficient transmission of high-definition audio to wireless stereo headphones.

multi-touch pulse

It’s well known among avid gamers that when you’re in a game, having multiple touchscreen interactions can reduce response time. HyperEngine Multi-Touch Boost increases the effective polling rate of touchscreens by up to 14% with nine simultaneous touch fingers compared to other solutions on the market. This means that in games that require multiple virtual buttons to be executed simultaneously, you will never experience a delay between command and action.

PQ 3.0 engine

This solution turns your smartphone into a gaming station at the level of any video game console or PC gamer, as it enables features such as ray tracing in mobile games and augmented reality.

Ray tracing enables the most realistic real-time lighting effects. HyperEngine 3.0 enables ray tracing support for mobile game developers to enhance their gaming environments.

Resource Management Engine 3.0

With this feature, Hyper Engine saves power when playing games with high frames per second (FPS), which can reduce real-time power consumption during game scenes in which power is required. High frame rate per second, which extends battery life without sacrificing user experience.

Since we are talking about the screen, it is important to note that the chipset is also responsible for controlling the screen of the device. In the Dimension family, this translates into screens with a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz, which gives us fluid images without “ghosting”, in addition to allowing the use of techniques such as HDR for more vivid and realistic colors. Details that show that we do not believe with other chipsets.

All of these features are available on MediaTek’s Dimension chipset. Today’s games are as good as any console. If you’re serious about getting into mobile gaming, you should consider a smartphone that takes your experience even further and delivers the true potential of next-gen gaming.

MediaTek’s HyperEngine is undoubtedly a technological solution designed to bring the gaming experience to a professional level. Not ready to play on a smartphone, with MediaTek, keep a gamer station in your pocket.


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