“And just like that”, the technology seems to stop


It’s been 23 years since we first saw Carrie Bradshaw typing on her Apple PowerBook G3 while looking out of her Upper East Side apartment window. Needless to say, a lot has changed in the city over the past quarter century. Charlotte and Miranda are raising teenagers. Samantha cut all ties with her friends, packed her bags and moved to the UK where “sexy mermaids in their sixties are still viable”. And, of course, Carrie went from writing to podcasting.

Carrie relationship with technology has always been tenuous, and in And just like that, not much has changed. She squeezes her decrepit laptop and old phones for life, while everyone around her has been successful in advancing the technology. Let’s take a look at some of those old gadgets you’ll spot in the first two episodes of the Sex and the city to restart.

Apple iphone 8

Carrie packs a well-worn, sticker-studded iPhone 8 to take Instagram photos. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

When Carrie pulls out her phone to take a photo of an unconscious passerby, we learn two things: She’s a creeper on Instagram and she’s using a rose gold iPhone 8. But it’s not just any iPhone 8, it’s an iPhone covered in stickers and tape with some really weird antenna lines. The tape covers the camera flash for no apparent reason. Maybe she just doesn’t know how to turn off the flash?

Released in 2017, the iPhone 8 has a single camera and takes pictures comparable to those of mid-range phones like the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. Sure, she can have a good brunch photo, but good luck having a clear group photo during dinner at Carbon.

And it’s not like she can’t afford a better phone, she just seems oblivious to the fact that everyone around her is wearing an iPhone 12. She’s a woman who lives in a multi-million co-op. dollars, has a closet full of clothes and shoes that are probably worth enough to pay for the unit next door, and her husband has a Bloomberg terminal of thousands of dollars a month on his desk. She can certainly afford an upgrade.

What can we learn from this? Don’t be a creeper like Carrie and definitely don’t buy an iPhone 8. If you’re looking for a bargain get the iPhone SE, and if you want something that fits easily in your small bag, give it a go. eye the iPhone 13 mini.

BlackBerry2 key

Person holding a BlackBerry Key2

Let the BlackBerry go, Carrie. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

Although Carrie’s BlackBerry Key2 is a major player in the second episode, it makes a quick appearance in the first episode, when Miranda walks her home and the couple continue to lightly drag Samantha through the mud with insults like “on. feels like she’s dead “and” fired me as a friend “.

Fast forward to episode two and we see Carrie pull out her BlackBerry Key2 at 5:45 am. Have she and Samantha been apart so long that she hasn’t even added her to her new phone’s address book? No! This appears to be Carrie’s daily driver. As she browses her messages for Samantha, we see a series of text messages sent throughout the day. Carrie is clearly not afraid of the green bubble and prefers a real keyboard.

Granted, the Key2 is slightly newer than the iPhone 8, but it runs Android 8.1. Do you remember Android 8.1? The most memorable thing about it was that Google finally killed its horrible blob emojis.

If Carrie waits for the next-gen BlackBerry that was due to debut this year, she could be in a world of disappointment. And even though she still has about a year left with her beloved Key2, she will eventually join her retired PowerBook G3. Carrie, it’s time to give in and embrace the onscreen keyboard, or if you’re determined to use the physical keys, you might want to take a look at the Unihertz Titan Pocket.

2013 MacBook Pro

Laptop with open internet browser

MacBook Pros are built to last, but we think it’s time to replace them. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

We’re not entirely sure, but we believe Carrie is still using a 2013 15-inch MacBook Pro. In 2021! While the 2013 MacBook Pro was a powerhouse when it first came out, the base model came with 128GB of storage and just 4GB of RAM; I hope she paid for an improved model. Granted, the only thing we’ve ever seen her do on her laptop is use AOL, Microsoft Word, and Safari, so she would probably be fine with a MacBook Air.

Maybe she hated the butterfly keyboard that Apple introduced a few years later, or she just didn’t want to give up on MagSafe charging. If so, his wait is over.

The 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro includes MagSafe charging, its keyboard is amazing, and she could actually use it without a charger – an option she probably hasn’t had in years because there’s no way the his MacBook Pro’s battery could still hold a charge.

So many iPhone 12 models

Barely a minute goes by when Carrie is not on the same plane as a modern iPhone. Miranda uses her iPhone 12 Pro to see how many minutes she has to wait until the bar opens and she can have her first windfall of the day. An iPhone 12 Pro is useful for calling Miranda after Charlotte fails to support Carrie as she tries to plan her husband’s funeral. And Dr Nya Wallace connects his iPhone 12 to the OMNY contactless terminal to pay for his metro ticket.

woman walking through the turnstile

The moment you realize you can’t get an unlimited OMNY pass if you use your iPhone 12. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

Big has enough cash for an iPhone 12 Pro Max, of course. Stanford husband Anthony uses his iPhone 12 Pro to run into guys on Instagram during a children’s piano recital. Harry also has an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which might get boring texts from Charlotte, and while we never see Steve holding an iPhone, there’s a good chance he’s using one as well as he’s living with hearing loss. and iPhones tend to perform better with hearing. AIDS.

Woman holding an iPhone with the screen on

Miranda checks the time on her iPhone 12 Pro while waiting for the bar to open. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

As for the kids, we see Lily York Goldenblatt holding an iPhone 12 Pro. His sister Rose, skateboarder and “outsider” of the group, has a regular old iPhone 12 with an OtterBox Aneu case. And while we never see Carrie’s godson Brady with an iPhone, we can assume he has one and uses it to sext his girlfriend. You got the idea.

Man reading texts

Text from Android users isn’t as garish on Mr. Big’s iPhone 12 Pro Max. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

We see a lot of people grabbing their iPhones, but you rarely see people talking about them or even using them. Big drops his in the shower, just out of reach, and when Carrie calls Miranda in distress (instead of calling an ambulance!), Miranda’s iPhone sits on the nightstand as Steve hands her the cordless phone. In fact, the only people we see talking on their iPhones are Dr. Wallace and his partner Andre.

Man scrolling Instagram

Apparently, no one on the show is familiar with Instagram’s basic etiquette. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

If you just want to hold your iPhone, any of these models are a great choice. If you plan on using your phone, the iPhone 13 is our top pick. The iPhone 13 Pro is ideal for gamers and those who want a bigger screen. Serious smartphone photographers and videographers should choose the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you’re shopping for a kid, go for the iPhone SE or iPhone 12.

MacBook Air M1

Person in a studio with open laptop

Che uses a MacBook Air M1. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

Carrie’s new boss and podcast co-host Che uses a handy computer, the MacBook Air M1. Granted, Carrie saw the ultra-thin charger-less laptop that sat in front of her for at least half an hour and, if I had to guess, because this show just seemed boring enough to be one of those podcasts that walk around for at least 90 minutes. Did she think “Wow, look at this simple, lightweight laptop that works without a plug? Maybe I should buy one instead of carrying this ten year old boat around the apartment,” or maybe be that she’s just the type to drive it until the wheels fall off.

Apple Watch Series 6

Man talking on the phone.

Apple Watch Tracking (Courtesy: HBO Max)

While we don’t see Carrie in the same frame as anyone with an Apple Watch, she should know they exist, if only for the fact that there’s a tray of Apple Watch bands in the box. Hermès store. And if anyone needed an Apple Watch in this series, it’s her husband. But instead of strapping on to an Apple Watch to monitor his heart rate before hopping on his Peloton, he’s seen riding a Piaget or other expensive luxury watch.

Maybe that’s because the Apple Watch still has a bit of a nerd factor to it, but the only people we see wearing them are Dr. Wallace and his partner.

While we would probably upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7 for its larger screen, Apple’s Watch can be a lifeline. It tracks health habits, has an ECG function, will alert you when it notices abnormal heart rhythms, and can even notify your loved ones when you have fallen.

Peloton + bike

Man on a Peloton Bike

Mr. Big’s 1000 Peloton Bike + Races celebration is short-lived. (Courtesy: HBO Max)

Without revealing too much (BuzzFeed has all the spoilers), Mr. Big becomes an avid Peloton enthusiast during the pandemic and loves taking classes with instructor Allegra. As Carrie goes to a piano recital, Big decides to stay home to complete her thousandth ride, which ends in a major plot that changes the trajectory of the entire series. Not a very positive product placement for Peloton.

We still think the Peloton Bike + is great for training at home, but the episode serves as a good reminder to wear a smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series 7 to monitor your heart rate and to chat with your doctor beforehand. to start an intense exercise regimen.

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