ALDImobile launches a “Super Pack” phone plan with 1000 GB of data


ALDImobile has launched a limited time offer for a prepaid mobile phone plan including 1,000 GB of data for $499. It’s the largest data inclusion in ALDI’s “1 Year Super Pack” range, which starts at 15GB for $99. The offer is available from June 15 to June 28, 2022.

While the data inclusion might seem impressive, especially for a supermarket mobile plan, it’s worth taking a look at what else you could get with these packs.

ALDI’s ‘1 Year Super Packs’ with long expiry (365 days) come with:

  • Unlimited standard national calls
  • Unlimited national standard texts
  • Unlimited standard national MMS (excluding video MMS)
  • International roaming (you must activate this feature in your account)
  • Transfer of unused data (terms and conditions apply)
  • Ability to purchase additional data packs

There doesn’t appear to be any international talk and text minutes included, unlike many mobile phone plans currently available. However, you can purchase additional Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit if you need to make international calls with friends or family abroad. PAYG credit can also be purchased to make MMS video calls.

So, with 1000 GB of data, how much does that represent per month? Well, at $499, that works out to a monthly cost of around $41.59 for 83.33GB of data, or just under 50c per GB.

How does this compare to monthly mobile plans around a similar price range and data inclusion?

As you can see, it’s worth comparing the monthly breakdown of a long-expiration plan with monthly plans to see if they’re more suited to your needs. Some even come with international talk and text credit.

However, some may see a downside to monthly plans when it comes to data allowances. So if you’re good at managing your data usage, ALDI’s 1000GB long-expiration data plan might be worth considering.

But before buying a mobile phone plan, always read the essential information summary to see if a plan is right for you. The devil can be in the details, so it’s always worth investigating.

If you still want to compare mobile plans, check out some of the best plans in 2022.


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