Add your emergency contacts and medical data to your Android mobile


It is clear that smartphones do everything today and these are the devices we take everywhere. So, why not take the opportunity so that if we need them, they will help us save our lives? Let’s see how we can do it.

We use the cell phone for everything, this is something we all have clear. We take it everywhere, it even happens that we forget our wallet, keys, sunglasses, but never our cell phone.

Well, since many of us have it configured to not depend on wallet and cards to pay, we can make it work in a time of emergency.

It can be the perfect ally so that the emergency services can have our detailed medical information at all times and instantly, which can be essential in the event of an accident.

In this case, we could say that our smartphone saved our life or at least was decisive for it.

As is evident we must be the ones setting up our own medical information on our Android mobileIn addition to which person (s) we would like to call in the event of a disability.

We are going to explain to you how to add your medical data on your smartphone, it is much easier than you can imagine.

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Medical information on our Android

Such information will be great help for medical services, in case we can not answer or we remember that they can know not only the type of blood that we have, but also fundamental problems such as any type of alegrías, especially if it is about a drug.

In order for the medical information to be present on our Android device, we have to complete it ourselves, so we have to follow some steps to get it.

It should be noted that, depending on the layer of your smartphone, it may differ from the pure version of Android, as it may be in the case of Samsung, for example.

We open the Settings from our phone. We played on Phone Info for later we will Emergency information. At that point, we have to enter whatever we feel is necessary, although the more information the better. We can cover name, address, blood type, allergies, medications, organ donor and medical history. To include this information, all you have to do is click on each of the options and enter them using the smartphone keyboard.

If you have a Samsung phone, the place where they put emergency data is different, which also happens in other brands, so it is better to use the search engine in Settings.

In the terminals of the Korean brand Samsung, it is done in this way:

We entered Contacts:. Then we open the menu by clicking on the three horizontal bands that we will see in the upper left part. In Groups we touch Emergency contacts. Now the first thing we’re going to see is Emergency medical information, place we must support. At this time, we can enter information such as diseases, joys, current drugs, blood type or other. At the end, click on Dungeon and everything will be stored.

Consult medical information in an emergency

When we have an accident, the way the information is made visible is very simple, which everyone should know in such a situation.

In addition, the medical and state security services themselves are prepared and warned that there may be very valuable information on the injured person’s Android mobile, although not many of us wear this complete system.

We just have to do the following:

We slide up on a locked screen. We played on Emergency, then enter Emergency information. When the Emergency Info option reappears, we need to touch it again.

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Emergency contacts

We can also establish a series of contacts, with their respective numbers, to be emergency numbers. If necessary, our phone will allow these contacts to be seen and called without unlocking the device, provided that the corresponding settings are enabled.

What we need to do are these steps, this is pretty much the same as we did to put the medical information.

We open the Settings from our phone. Click on Phone Info because then we enter Emergency information. Then we’ll see that the first thing that comes out is Add emergency contacts. Next, we choose the contacts that we want to mark as callable in an emergency. The phone will automatically send them an SMS to let them know that we have added them as an emergency contact.

SOS mode

SOS emergency mode is a system that can be very useful, because if we feel threatened, fear for our safety or have had an accident and we are aware of it, we can alert our emergency contacts of the danger in which we are.

It is very easy to configure by following these steps:

We open the Settings From the device. We played on Security and emergencies, then press SOS emergency. Now we need to select the configuration, that is, call the emergency services with this button, share the information with the emergency contact and record an emergency video. The option to share information with emergency contacts and the option to record a video will require us to enable both record and locate permissions, if we didn’t already have them before.

When Quickly press the power button five or more times in an emergency, the phone will make an alarm sound high by default.

As you can see, everything we have told you is part of Android which can become hugely important when the time comes, although I hope it never will. But you have to be careful and that is why it is better to configure it for what might happen.

It’s a little-known part of the Android world, but one that should come to the fore, because setting up medical data on your mobile can save lives or at least be an important part so that no one gets hurt it could be irreparable.


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