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CATSKILL — A Catskill High School senior who endured months of grueling chemotherapy treatments for cancer had her cell phone go missing at Albany Medical Center last month.

His family has not yet managed to get him back.

Catskill student Nahviya Chapple was receiving chemotherapy at Albany Hospital on December 30 and when she left the phone in her hospital room to receive the treatment, it was missing when she returned.

The Chapple family were later informed by hospital staff that Nahviya’s iPhone 11 may have been swept up with the laundry, but it was not found.

Lamar Chapple, Nahviya’s father, was told by a hospital social worker on January 18 that the medical facility would get a new phone for Nahviya if the hospital was unable to locate the missing item.

“When I brought her in this week for one of her appointments, one of the social workers said she would research the situation a bit more and she said if she couldn’t go basically, they would. replace his phone,” he said.

Three days later, the hospital backtracked, informing Chapple that Albany Medical Center would not be replacing the phone.

“They said there was nothing they could do about it,” Lamar Chapple said on Friday. “I got a call from Patient Relations. I’m not saying they don’t help me, because they are taking care of my daughter and this is the first. But that’s just crazy.

The Albany Medical Center public relations department declined to comment on the matter.

Chapple said her daughter also had a prepaid debit card in the hospital room, but the card was in the room when the phone was discovered missing.

“It’s been almost 30 days now and she doesn’t have a phone,” he said. ” We are still waiting. People’s stuff shouldn’t just disappear. The phone she has is not a small phone. It looks like a tablet. I don’t think anyone took it. I’m not accusing anyone or anything. I think it may have gotten mixed up with the clothes.

Catskill High School teacher Wendy Casalino, who is Nahviya’s case manager at the school, said the family had struggled to get answers from the hospital.

“They’re not going anywhere, they’re just going around them,” Casalino said. “They keep asking the same questions over and over again about what kind of phone it was and when it happened. He said, ‘You have the report. Meanwhile, she just went back to the phone. hospital and it’s been almost a month and no one has done anything. So this poor girl is in the hospital and she doesn’t have a phone. It’s not fair. If it’s in a report, they should be able to find him a phone.

Casalino said no police report was filed regarding the missing phone.

“I’ve texted him since and it’s not blue, it’s showing up green,” she said. “So I don’t really know what happened. Her dad went to pay the prepaid phone bill through Boost Mobile for this month. I asked him why he paid the bill if she didn’t have a phone and he said, “In case she gets it back.”

The family had no insurance on the now missing phone.

“She goes through a lot and any teenager these days, her phone is her first thing,” Lamar Chapple said.

Casalino said the Catskill student had to endure months of demanding treatment as she battled cancer.

“She was allowed to go home for a week, but unfortunately her chemo lasts six days in a row for 24 hours,” she said. “She can go home if her stomach is fine, then she will have to go back two more times. Then she has to go off chemo for a few months and then she has to go back to Boston Children’s Hospital to have her esophagus reattached to her intestines. So it’s a pretty serious cancer.

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