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Although prepaid mobile phones have gained a reputation for being used only by criminals, these so-called “burner” phones also offer their users many practical advantages from a legal point of view. Assuming you’re not using your phone to commit a crime, here are five important legal benefits you can get from using a prepaid mobile phone.

No monthly fees

When you have a mobile phone through an operator, the monthly charges are usually part of your plan. However, these charges are almost always very confusing, can add up quickly and lead to billing issues with your carrier. In many cases, such issues can lead to additional issues regarding lower credit scores and other financial dilemmas, especially if you choose not to pay your bill during a dispute. However, since prepaid mobile phones are free, you won’t have to worry about ending up in court for an unpaid bill.

They offer confidentiality

If you want a higher level of privacy, prepaid mobile phones are your best option. Since prepaid telephones do not follow your activities online it is much easier for you to remain anonymous if you want to. This can be especially important if you are going through a situation of domestic violence or other similar circumstances, as having a prepaid phone will make it easier for you to communicate with family, friends and even your lawyer.

No contractual obligation

When using a standard mobile phone, you will almost always need to sign a long-term contract, usually for at least a year. Although you don’t think much about it at the time, these contracts can often lead to a lot of legal disputes and financial headaches for those who signed on the dotted line. If you want to avoid any unexpected surprises or find out that your phone carrier decides to sue you or ruin your credit score, use a prepaid mobile phone that has no contracts associated with.

No credit check

If you have had credit problems in the past, are in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, or are facing other types of financial problems, a prepaid cell phone will be your best option as it does not require credit check before being purchased. Since you will be prepaying for phone service, the risk that you may not be able to pay your phone bill is immediately eliminated.

Finding your phone

Finally, if you are using a prepaid phone, it is more likely that the police and others will not be able to seize your phone and search for vital information on certain situations. Depending on the circumstances, it is always possible that if you have a phone through a standard carrier, a family member, friend or someone else could access your phone and send threatening text messages or phone calls to you. ‘others. Before you know it, the police may charge you with a felony. However, using a prepaid phone will be one less thing you have to worry about day in and day out.

From not having to worry about signing long term contracts to mistaken identity case if other people are accessing your phone, prepaid mobile phones offer these benefits and many more that make them very attractive. .

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