3 major grocery brands no longer offer paper coupons


Veterans of the struggle to stay frugal have long relied on paper coupons as a mainstay of their battle plan.

Now, those paper coupons seem headed for the dustbin of history.

The Coupons in the News website says major consumer brands are ditching paper coupons and going all-digital.

For instance:

  • General Mills hasn’t offered a single Sunday newspaper insert since early January – and hasn’t even offered printable coupons through Coupons.com since October.
  • Mondelez Internationalwhich owns food and drink brands like Nabisco, has also not offered a newspaper insert since January.
  • Kellogg’s did not offer an insert at all in 2022.

A General Mills spokesperson told Coupons in the News that the discontinuation of Sunday coupon inserts in newspapers was intentional:

“General Mills has made a strategic decision to transition to more digital offerings. However, consumers can still find the value they know and expect through a variety of digital outlets. In fact, we’re introducing more coupons and incentives to the marketplace than we did last year. »

Procter & Gamble and Unilever still offer their own Sunday coupon inserts in addition to printable coupons. However, it seems that the days of the Sunday insert – like those of the paper newspaper itself – are numbered.

So where can you turn to find the latest coupons?

Coupons in the News says brands like General Mills make sure their coupons appear on retailer websites and apps. You’ll also find them on cashback apps like Ibotta.

The Coupons.com website is going to be shut down in the near future, to be replaced by the Shopmium cashback app. So it will be one less place to get your printable coupon fix.

If all this news has you dreaming of simpler days of a coupon insert and a pair of scissors, rest assured: you can still find great coupon deals as long as you’re willing to adjust your habits and embrace some technology.

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